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For others with this name, see Alcamenes (disambiguation).

Alcmenes (Greek: Ἀλκμένης) or Alcamenes, Alkamenos, was the king of Sparta, of the Agiad dynasty, from c. 740 to c. 700 BC.[1]

According to Pausanias, he was a commander in the night-expedition against Ampheia, which began the First Messenian War, but died before its 4th year. In his reign Helos was taken, a place near the mouth of the Eurotas, the last independent hold most likely of the old Achaean population, and the supposed origin of the term "helot".[2][3][4]

He succeeded his father Teleclus and was succeeded by his son Polydorus.


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Preceded by
Agiad King of Sparta
c. 740 – c. 700 BC
Succeeded by