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Jordan elects a legislature on the national level. The parliament of Jordan has two chambers. The Chamber of Deputies has 110 members, 104 elected for a four-year term in single-seat constituencies and 6 female members by a special electoral college. Of the 110 seats, Christians are reserved 9 seats and Chechens/Circassians are reserved 3. The Assembly of Senators has 55[1] members appointed by the king.

In response to the 2011 Jordanian protests, the Cabinet was changed to an elected cabinet. Jordan has political parties, but they do not play a significant role, as supporters of the king dominate both chambers.

Recent elections

e • d Summary of the 20 November 2007 Chamber of Deputies of Jordan election results
Parties % Seats
Independents of various tendencies 89 98
Islamic Action Front (Jabhat al-Amal al-Islami) 5.5 6
Seats allocated to women by a special electoral panel 5.5 6
Total (turnout 54%) 100.0 110
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