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For a historical and cultural overview of the meaning of "Judeo-Christian", see Judeo-Christian concept
For a scholarly overview of Judeo-Christian thought and its influence on culture and law, see Judeo-Christian ethics

Judeo-Christian values is a term often used by American mainstream media, and in cultural conversations, to imply the existence of a deep similarity and common bond between traditionally Jewish and Christian civilizations. However, the term is considered dubious by right-wing commentators, who claim the differences between these cultures should not be minimized.[1] They claim "Judeo-Christian" is part of a larger attempt to culturally homogenize American society, which could weaken both Jewish and Christian cultures;[2] hence the term has both Jewish and gentile opponents.

The Secular Jewish writer Harold Bloom, has said "It is absurd to talk about a Judeo-Christian tradition. I say this in spite of the political good that this does for the State of Israel or the remnant of Jewry."[3]

Judeo-Christ meme

Judeo-Christ or Judeo Christ is a meme popularized in Alt-right circles in late 2016 to mock neoconservative rhetoric that the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.[4] Judeo-Christ, whose name resembles Jesus Christ, was invented as the fictional prophet of this belief system. He embodies both Reform Jewish and WASP Protestant values, which are said to align perfectly with the USA's true universalist aims. Judeo-Christ has progressive liberal traits, believes in a solid role for government, and favors immigration.


Members of the Alt-right disagree with this rhetoric, saying that the term Judeo-Christian itself was only invented early in the 20th Century, and that the USA was really founded on established English and Anglican values, with almost no Jewish contributions at this stage. They claim the Founders only wanted to secure a future for their own progeny, and wanted to limit immigration from the European mainland. The term Judeo-Christ has become associated with so-called cuckservative values.[5]

Some Christian fundamentalists, usually associated with the controversial Christian Identity movement, refer to the term as "The Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion."[6]


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