Medan Hokkien

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Medan Hokkien
Native to Indonesia
Region Medan, Pematangsiantar, Tanjung Balai, Binjai and other cities in North Sumatra with significant chinese community.
Native speakers
800.000~1.000.000 (2010)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None

Medan Hokkien is a local variant of Hokkien spoken in Medan, Indonesia. It is the lingua franca in Medan as well as other northern city states of North Sumatra surrounding it, and is a subdialect of Zhangzhou (漳州) dialect, together with widespread use of Indonesian and English borrowed words. It is predominantly a spoken dialect: it is rarely written in Chinese characters as Indonesia has banned the use of Chinese characters, and there is no standard romanisation.[citation needed]

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