Rachel (Gerber)

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File:Pike Place Piggy 2008.JPG
The sculpture in 2008
Artist Georgia Gerber
Year 1986 (1986)
Type Sculpture
Material Bronze
Subject Piggy bank
Condition "Well maintained" (1995)
Location Seattle, Washington, United States

Rachel, also known as Market Foundation Piggy Bank, Rachael the Pig, Rachel the Pig or Rachel the Piggy Bank,[1][2] is an outdoor bronze sculpture of a piggy bank, designed by Georgia Gerber and located at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. It was dedicated on August 17, 1986 and is maintained by the Pike Place Market Foundation.[1] Modeled after a pig (also named Rachel) that lived on Whidbey Island and was the 1977 Island County prize-winner, Rachel receives roughly $9,000 annually in just about every type of world currency, which is collected by the Market Foundation to fund the Market's social services.[3][4]

Description and history

The Smithsonian Institution describes Rachel as a "life-size, realistic figure" of a sow piggy bank.[1] The Pike Place Market Foundation calls it the "mascot" of Pike Place Market.[2] The bronze sculpture depicts a pig with a money slot on the top of its head and measures approximately 36 x 66 x 16 inches. Bronze foot prints are on the sidewalk leading to the pig figure. One nearby plaque reads: "Market Foundation Piggy Bank. Made possible by a gift from Fratelli's Ice Cream, August 17, 1986".[1] Another states that money deposited into the piggy bank benefits local human service organizations.[1]

The sculpture was surveyed by the Smithsonian's Save Outdoor Sculpture! program in April 1995 and was deemed "well maintained".[1]

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