Ditadura Nacional

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Portuguese Republic
República Portuguesa

Flag Coat of arms
A Portuguesa  (Portuguese)
The Portuguese
The Portuguese Empire during the 20th century.
Capital Lisbon
Languages Portuguese
Government Military dictatorship
 •  1926 José Mendes Cabeçadas
 •  1926–1933 Óscar Carmona
Prime Minister
 •  1926 José Mendes Cabeçadas
 •  1930–1932 Domingos Oliveira
Historical era Interwar period
 •  Established 29 May 1926
 •  Disestablished 19 March 1933
 •  1930 92,391 km² (35,672 sq mi)
 •  1930 est. 6,825,883 
     Density 73.9 /km²  (191.3 /sq mi)
Currency Escudo

The Ditadura Nacional (Portuguese pronunciation: [ditɐˈðuɾɐ nɐsiuˈnaɫ], National Dictatorship) was the name of the Portuguese regime initiated by the election of President Óscar Carmona in 1928 (following all of the turbulence derived from the 28th May 1926 coup d'état, period which is named Ditadura Militar) that lasted until the adoption of the new constitution in 1933, when the régime changed its name to Estado Novo (New State). It is considered that the Ditadura Nacional, together with the Estado Novo, forms the historical period of the Portuguese Second Republic.

Timeline 1926–1933

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