List of flags of Israel

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The following is a list of flags of Israel.

National flag and State flag

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Israel.svg 1948—Present State flag and National flag The design recalls the Tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, which is white with blue stripes. The hexagram in the centre is the Magen David ("shield of David"). Dimensions: 8:11
Civil Ensign of Israel.svg 1948—Present Civil ensign Blue flag with a white vertically elongated oval set near the hoist containing a vertically elongated blue Magen David. Dimensions: 2:3

Governmental flags

Flag Date Use Description
Border  ?—Present Presidential standard The flag is square, silver bordered banner of the state's arms, dark blue, silver menorah (seven-armed candlestick), olive branches and the name of state beneath. Dimensions: 7:8
Presidential Standard (Israel) at sea.svg  ?—Present Presidential standard (at sea) Presidential standard with the border in yellow.
Flag of the Prime Minister of Israel.svg  ?—Present Flag of the Prime Minister
Flag of Israel Minister of Defence.svg  ?—Present Flag of the Minister of Defence

Military flags

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the Israel Defense Forces.svg 1949—Present Israeli Defense Forces Light blue defaced standard with the IDF emblem; and with the national flag in the canton. 8:11 ratio including the fringe
Naval Ensign of Israel.svg 1948—Present Naval ensign The flag is used by Israeli Navy, being a blue flag with white triangle at hoist and blue Magen David in it. Proportions are 2:3.
Flag of the Israeli Air Force.svg 1991—Present Air force flag Light blue flag with thin stripes, near top and bottom (closer to the edges than on the national flag), white with dark blue borders. In the center, the air force roundel but with points touching disc edges and a dark blue border.
Flag of the Israeli Army (Land Arm).svg  ?—Present Army (Land Arm) Flag 5 diagonal stripes, orange-red/white/green/black/orange-red, of proportions 2/1/5/1/2. In the center of the red stripe is a white-bordered gold disk, containing 4 semicircles of green, orange, black and orange-red. Superimposed over them is an upright black-outlined white bayonet blade, partially enclosed on its right by an olive branch, also in black-outlined white.
Pikud Ha'Oref flag.svg 1992—Present Homefront Command (Pikud HaOref) Diagonally divided blue and orange. The colours of the homefront command are the same to those appearing in its emblem.
Flag of IDF Chief of Staff.svg  ?—Present Flag of the IDF Chief of Staff

Municipal flags

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Jerusalem.svg 1949—Present Jerusalem Based on the National flag, the flag of Jerusalem features in the center the city's coat of arms, which consists of a shield with the Lion of Judah superimposed on a stylized background representing the Kotel, flanked on either side with olive branches. The word יְרוּשָׁלַיִם (i.e. Yerushalayim, Hebrew for "Jerusalem") appears above the shield.
Tel Aviv flag.svg 1949—Present Tel-Aviv-Yafo Based on the National flag.
Flag of Haifa.svg  ?-Present Haifa The city's emblem on a light blue background.
Flag of Holon Version1.svg  ?-Present Holon Based on the national flag with the colors reversed and the city's emblem in lieu of the Star of David. The emblem may also appear in a white rectangular box, or drawn in white on the blue background.

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