Seed oil

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A seed oil is a vegetable oil that is obtained from the seed (endosperm) of some plant, rather than the fruit (pericarp).

Most vegetable oils are seed oils. Some common examples are sunflower oil, canola oil, and sesame oil.

Some important vegetable oils are not seed oils. Some examples are olive oil and peanut oil.

plant oil
Almond almond oil
Argan argan oil
Borage borage oil
Canola canola oil
Castor castor oil
Coconut coconut oil
Corn corn oil
Cotton cottonseed oil
Flax linseed oil
Grape grape seed oil
Hemp hemp oil
Jojoba jojoba oil
Macadamia macadamia oil
Mustard mustard oil
Neem neem oil
Oil palm palm kernel oil
Rapeseed rapeseed oil
Safflower safflower oil
Sesame sesame oil
Shea shea butter
Sunflower sunflower oil
Tonka bean tonka bean oil
Tung tung oil

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