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Conspiracy may refer to:

Types of conspiracies

  • Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between people to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage
  • Conspiracy (criminal), an agreement between people to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement
  • Conspiracy (political), an agreement between people with the goal of gaining political power or meeting a political objective
  • Hub-and-spoke conspiracy, a conspiracy in which one or more principal conspirators (the "hub") enter into several similar agreements with others (the "spokes") who know concerted action is contemplated, usually where the success of the concerted action depends on the participation of the other spokes


  • Conspiracy (band), a progressive rock band founded by Billy Sherwood and Chris Squire
  • Conspiracy (Junior M.A.F.I.A. album), the debut studio album by American hip hop group Junior M.A.F.I.A. (Including The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Cease, Trife and Larceny of The Snakes, Lil' Kim, Nino Brown, Chico Del Vec, Kleptomaniac, Capone, Bugsy)
  • Conspiracy (King Diamond album), a name of a concept album by King Diamond, being the second part of a story that begun on the album "Them". It was released in 1989. The song "Cremation" appears in the 2009 video game Brütal Legend
  • Conspiracy (Michael Bormann album), the second album by the German singer Michael Bormann
  • "Conspiracy", a song by Paramore from All We Know Is Falling

Film and television


Books and comics

  • Conspiracies (novel), the third volume in a series of Repairman Jack books written by American author F. Paul Wilson. The book was first published in March 1999 by Gauntlet Press as a signed, limited edition. A trade hardcover edition by Forge followed in February 2000
  • Conspiracy (comics), a team of super powered beings in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Conspiracy, a 1998 fantasy novel by J. Robert King, set in the Forgotten Realms

Other uses

  • Conspiracy (demogroup), a Hungarian demogroup founded in late 2002. Being an amalgamation of various other groups, founding members were members of demogroups Digital Dynamite, Inquisition and Ümlaüt Design
  • Conspiracy '87, the 45th World Science Fiction Convention, held in Brighton, England, in 1987
  • Conspiracy Entertainment, a video game publisher
  • Conspiracy Controllers, a group like Anonymous founded in 2014

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