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A laser-guided observation of the Milky Way Galaxy at the Paranal Observatory in Chile in 2010

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to space science:

Space science – study of everything in outer space.[1] This has sometimes been called astronomy, but recently astronomy has come to be regarded as a division of broader space science, which has grown to include other related fields,[2] such as studying issues related to space travel and space exploration (including space medicine), space archaeology[3] and science performed in outer space (see space research).

Branches of space science

One proposed timeline of the origin of space, from physical cosmology

Space-related interdisciplinary fields


See Outline of astronomy

See astronomical object for a list of specific types of entities which scientists study. See Earth's location in the universe for an orientation.

Space exploration

See Outline of space exploration


Astronautics – science and engineering of spacefaring and spaceflight, a subset of Aerospace engineering (which includes atmospheric flight)

See also

Astronaut Piers Sellers during the third spacewalk of STS-121, a demonstration of orbiter heat shield repair techniques


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