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Military organization
Nigerien soldiers during Gulf War.jpg
Typical Units Typical numbers Typical Commander
fireteam 3-4 corporal
squad/section 8-12 sergeant
platoon 15–30 lieutenant
company 80–150 captain/
battalion 300–800 lieutenant colonel
regiment/brigade 2,000–4,000 colonel/
brigadier general
division 10,000–15,000 major general
corps 20,000–40,000 lieutenant general
field army 80,000+ general
army group o2+
field armies
field marshal
region/theater 4+ army groups Six-star rank
Canadian sub-subunit

Sub-subunit or sub-sub-unit is a subordinated element below platoon level of company sized units or sub-units which normally might not be separately identified in authorization documents by name, number, or letter. Fire and maneuver teams, fireteams, squads, crews, sections and patrols are typically sub-subunits.

Types of sub-units

Sub-subunits (de: Teileinheit; ru: подразделение/ podrasdelenie) in various languages and armed forces
Designation & symbol Flag of NATO.svg Bundeswehr English: French: ' Russian: Polish: '
basically as sub-subunit Designation Structure Commander/ leader

single point above a laying rectangle / (example) Fireteam Nato.svg Trupp
gun crew/ combat tank
2–7 men UnteroffizierHauptgefreiter Team
(e.g. Fireteam)
Équipe de combat Команда (Komanda) działon, obsługa
● ●
two points above a laying rectangle / (example) Gruppe Nato.svg * Gruppe
* Halbzug
* 8–12 men
* 2 crew combat tank
Oberfeldwebel ⇒ Unteroffizier Squad Groupe de combat Отделе́ние (Gruppe)
Экипаж (crew)
Расчёт (service crew)
Rotte 2 air craft Two-ship flight/ Pair N.N. Пара (Para) N.N.
● ● ●
three points above a laying rectangle / (example) 35px * Zug
* Hörsaal
ca. 40 men[1] HauptmannHauptfeldwebel * Platoon
* Lecture hall
Section[2] * Взвод (Vsvod)
* yчебная группа (utchebnaj gruppa)
* отряд (odrjad)
Schwarm/ Kette 3–4 aircraft N.N. N.N. Звено (chain, tactical unit) N.N.
Army / Air Force


  1. The personal strength, e.g. of self-contained platoons, training platoons, technical platoons, or Bundeswehr sub-subunits with platoon structure, might contain different staff.[citation needed]
  2. A section with group-structure (e.g.: US Marine Corps, 8–12 soldiers) may contain, in opposite to a "Section" in France armed forces, decisive less personal strength.[citation needed]