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A gorgeous thrilled brunette woman in pigtails, glasses, and a red Elmo T-shirt bouncing gleefully along with her large slow motion breasts, turns from her left to right - while chewing gum.  This is a is SNL Saturday Night Live video loop of Katy Perry with her pigtails tips coloured baby blue and a purple-pink.
Tigole's 2015 user avatar at KickassTorrents is a looped animated GIF sampled from a video of Katy Perry on SNL.
Web address QxR user Tigole

Tigole torrents are now 1337x QxR releases as user Tigole from QxR on 1337x
Tigole on Torrentz2

Formerly, user Tigole, Tigole's Bits, & Tigole uploads on KickassTorrents.
Slogan none
Commercial? no
Type of site
video torrent release group
Registration none
Available in English primarily with many other languages available
Created by Tigole
Launched since 2015 or 2016,
perhaps earlier
Revenue free & share alike
Current status active

Tigole is a person or group of persons acting as a peer to peer video sharing release group, also contentiously and pejoratively known as Internet piracy video pirates in countries where sharing is illegal.


Photo: Smiling blonde woman with huge breasts and nice cleavage in pink top and blue jeans sitting on bathroom sink counter. Text: "TIG OLE BITTIES They are freaking AWESOME!"
An unaffiliated poster saluting Tig Ole Bitties.

Tigole has been ripping and P2P sharing torrents since at least February of 2016[1] or earlier as a Kickass Torrents KAT community forum post on January 29, 2015 may be the earliest evidence of this Tigole.[2]

"Tigole" is an uncommon name but not unique as others have used it, use it now, and may use it in the future. A World of Warcraft video game developer named Jeff Kaplan used it.[3][4][5] Since 2009 Tigole Bitties @tigole on Twitter is most likely someone's abandoned account with 3 followers and zero tweets.

The name "Tigole" most likely derives from "tigole bitties" derived from "big ol' titties", an appreciative term for large breasts.[6] This phrase has some switched letters for any number or reasons - perhaps to slip past censors, to flip intention from lechery to levity, to be more politically correct, to mock politically correctness, just for larfs, or any combination of the above. Popular on the Internet, a similar example is the "pr0n" substitution for "porn".

Besides being signed or labelled "Tigole" there are no additional Tigole branding features, rip information, advertisements, websites, bragging files, etc. Without further clues this person or group will remain mysterious. It is impossible to know how many people are Tigole or if there are Tigole impersonators, friendly or malicious, adding to the release collection or Tigole library. An imprecise Reddit user stated that Tigole is one of 15 up-loaders that make up the larger UTR torrent release group[7][8], a collective using HEVC x265, yet there is no evidence at the UTR-HD UniTEAM Releases website while it is also claimed by a user named "UniTeamCorp." in the Kickass Torrents community forum,[9] providing only a dead link.

In late February of 2018, after suffering oppressive setbacks Kickass Torrents created a new "Kickass Hydra" decentralized system of at least 30 mirror sites around the world. Perhaps because of or in spite of the Kickass issues, on March 5, 2018 (maybe earlier), the first non-video "Tigole" torrent was shared, with the evidently true title "Tigole has moved to QxR" of a folder containing two website-link URL files (Download QxR's Torrents - 1337x and Download Tigole Torrents - 1337x) with a README.txt file that only stated:

Favoured for high quality, high compression, and extras, Tigole is among the top release groups. [10][11][12] Tigole was the 25th most popular 'pirate' search, according to TorrentFreak.com[13], mirrored on TorrentInvites.org.[14] By January 2018 Tigole has shared about 2,400 torrents, few of which are duplicates of one kind or another (re-uploads, alternate editions, remasters, etc.). A Torrentz2 "Tigole" search states 2,105 torrents are available (as of February 12, 2018) yet many "results [are] removed in compliance with EUCD / DMCA". Some torrents are well seeded and download quickly, while some are very slow or intermittent, and a handful are stagnant. Thus far, all the Tigole torrent downloads fit on 3 four-terabyte harddrives.

As Tigole's popularity grows, impersonators bloom.[15]

Regardless how good impostor torrents may be, there are a few ways to authenticate alleged Tigole torrents:

  • Tigole was releasing on KickAss (from 20xx-xx-xx to 20xx-xx-xx). - MORE DETAILS SOON
  • Tigole joined QxR on 2018-01-09[18] where you may read Tigole's forum posts since joining that do not list all of the Tigole shares, however, torrent hashes on QxR are searchable[19][20] (listing 245 Tigole encoded video releases as of 2018-04-04).
  • NOTE: External to the UTR hash list, the KickAss releases, and the QxR releases (mentioned above), verified torrent hashes are available searching DIGBT.org for Tigole or listed at hashes.duckdns.org/tigole/, HOWEVER the validity of the release group and/or encoder is not legitimized thus this does not determine authenticity from Tigole.[21]


1080p HEVC x265

Tigole video torrents are mostly feature film movies with occasional documentaries and television series using only the highest quality and best compression settings. Tigole has not shared ebooks, music, software, individual television episodes, video games, pornography, drugs, terrorism, or other digital media.[citation needed]

Tigole primarily shares 1080p resolution videos with x265 HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding compression which is vastly superior to the older larger x264 when used properly. Tigole does not share lower resolution 720p, 480p, SD standard definition, or other common resolutions. Tigole does not share individual television episodes, but only a select few TV series of high acclaim, usually when none others exist.

On MagnetDL.com, click the "info" button for the full torrent description and media information for old torrents. Descriptions there indicate Tigole used to encode some videos at 2000+ kbps, but mostly older encodes are 2500+ kbps, while most newer Tigole encode bitrates are 3500 kbps and up.[22] Tigole is now re-encoding and re-releasing many titles again but with improved x265 for better results and extra features.


Most Tigole releases are 1080p except for a new trend of select 2160p movies: Flight of the Butterflies (2012) on 2018-01-16, Blade Runner 2049 (2017) 2018-01-30 (citation link "results [were] removed in compliance with EUCD / DMCA") and again with a "V2" on 2018-02-27 (duplicated with alternate compression experimentation), Thor: Ragnarok (2017) on 2018-03-01, and Justice League (2017) on 2018-03-11, to start the trend.

Between the movie year and "1080p" many titles are labelled "Criterion" while fewer than 25 of the 2,400+ torrents are labeled "RM4K" indicating that Remastered 4k sources were encoded.

English & so much more

Tigole torrents from international sources and content are mostly wide release English language productions, with many other popular European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese productions, with none from India or Africa yet.

Tigole releases contemporary modern titles and well known movies popular 20th century movies back to the 1930s and even a couple from the 1920s. These earlier films are probably from bundled collections of celebrated filmmakers.

Extras & featurettes

Tigole usually includes extra audio tracks (alternate languages, overdubs, and commentaries), extra subtitles (in various languages or hearing needs), and additional featurettes about the making of the movie, behind-the-scenes, development, interviews, mini-documentaries, movie trailers, cut or deleted scenes, bloopers, etc.

Unless it's embedded in the file's metadata, it's impossible to know what BluRay or source was used, which software compressed the video, and/or if any extras or featurettes were added or omitted - but it seems most of the torrents attempt to include all the extras and everything else thus making Tigole very popular among filmophiles, cinephiles, and videophiles, who appreciate extra details and high quality despite tight compression (smaller files).[citation needed]

Getting Tigole torrents

To find Tigole torrents you may search various online index sites of digital content after checking the sharing and copyright infringement laws in your country.

Tri-annual cumulative collections:

  • Tigole (2018-04-20) 2,538 Torrents Collected - hash: 3d4df613a820ec55f88555891241f659cbfc767c
  • Tigole (2018-08-08) 2,885 Torrents Collected - hash: f4f3259b6d059edf4063107eae1938823b34c092
  • Tigole (2019-01-13) 3,317 Torrents Collected - hash: 7abf91e9c58e721900a3c6c98d7f69f9886c26c9

Similar to Google, some index sites simply list and link the torrents that exist without sharing copyrighted content - leaving it up to the individual to determine what is legit or not. Torrentz2.eu, ZOOQLE.com, DIGBT.org, hashes.duckdns.org (a Hash Backup Database), and MagnetDL.com are like this, compiling databases of all torrents from other sites of all digital media out there, including feature film movies, documentaries, television series, television episodes, ebooks, music, software, video games, pornography, etc.

Some indexed sites are also release groups to share content, legally or not. Good examples of this are RARBG.to, 1337x [1][2][3][4][5], RMZ.cr, RapidMoviez RMTeam's website, or even the UniTEAM.co, UTR-HD UniTEAM Releases website, now at UTR.QxR.pw.

Some more examples of torrent sharing sites include The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, LimeTorrents.cc, TorrentFunk, Torlock, SkyTorrents.in, SumoTorrent.sx, Zooqle, BitTorrent.

Most torrent clients (torrenting software apps) feature a search functionality, often with customizable search options wherein you may add the index sites listed above and others. Not all torrent clients are equal. uTorrent was the best for years but sold out.[citation needed] Very similar to the good old uTorrent, qBittorrent is the open source torrent client now widely used. Tixati and Vuze are also excellent and open source.

Requesting Tigole torrents

Requesting Tigole torrents A How-To Guide - Work-In-Progress
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Encode and torrent glossary

Glossary - Work-In-Progress

In media

This is a sound bites list from mainstream pop culture:

  • Tigole - (none yet)
  • Tigole bitties - (none yet, with hope for at least one)
  • Big ol' titties - (none listed yet, but there are definitely some out there)

See also


If the Tigole user group ever finds this please feel free to improve this article.

Also, here is My (User:JasonCarswell) Top Requests List (sort of in order, favourites from the longer lists further below):

As yet, unrquested on QxR:

  1. Max Headroom, I love all things Max Headroom !
  2. A Very Heavy Agenda political docu series
  3. Serpents Rising docu (O.J. Simpson re-investigation)
  4. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States (2012 docu series) in 1080p
  5. Air America (film), 1990
  6. The Little Drummer Girl (film), 1984
  7. All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 film)
  8. The Bounty (1984 film)
  9. All the President's Men (film) (1976)
  10. Hidden Agenda (1990 film)
  11. Winter Kills (film), 1979
  12. Wag The Dog, 1997
  13. The Parallax View, 1974
  14. The Good Shepherd (film), 2006
  15. The City of Lost Children, 1995
  16. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
  17. Prospero's Books (1991)
  18. Time Bandits, 1981
  19. The Fisher King, 1991
  20. The Brothers Grimm (film), 2005
  21. Tideland (film), 2005
  22. Mirror Mirror (film), 2012
  23. Self/less, 2015
  24. Busby Berkeley choreographer
  25. Henry & June, 1990
  26. After Hours (film), 1985 Scorsese
  27. Amazon Women on the Moon, 1987
  28. Forbidden Planet, 1956, sci-fi
  29. Tous les Matins du Monde, 1991
  30. Cyrano de Bergerac (1950 film)
  31. Ivanhoe (1952 film)
  32. Scaramouche (1952 film)
  33. Emma (1996 theatrical film)
  34. The Piano (film), 1993
  35. The Sheltering Sky (film), 1990
  36. The Fountain, 2006
  37. Blueberry (film), aka Renegade (2004) on IMDB
  38. Dangerous Liaisons, 1988
  39. Vatel (film), 2000
  40. Wide Sargasso Sea (1993 film)
  41. On Golden Pond (1981 film)
  42. Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle, 5 feature art films
  43. James Bond series
  44. Our Brand Is Crisis (2015 film)
  45. The Long Kiss Goodnight, 1996
  46. Under Fire (film), 1983
  47. The Fourth Protocol (film), 1987
  48. Fantastic Planet (1973)
  49. Gandahar (film) (1988)
  50. Watership Down (film), 1978, scary
  51. The Day of the Dolphin, 1973
  52. Ryan Dawson's political truther documentaries available online


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