Balmoral (District Electoral Area)

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District Electoral Area
Map showing Balmoral wards within Belfast
Area  13.71 km2 (5.29 sq mi)
Population 29,681 (2008 Estimate)
   – density  2,165/km2 (5,610/sq mi)
District Belfast City Council
County County Antrim
Country Northern Ireland
Sovereign state United Kingdom
EU Parliament Northern Ireland
UK Parliament Belfast South
NI Assembly Belfast South
List of places
Northern Ireland

Balmoral is the most southern of ten district electoral areas (DEA) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The district elects five members to Belfast City Council and contains the wards of Belvoir; Finaghy; Malone; Musgrave and Upper Malone. Balmoral, along with neighbouring Botanic, forms the greater part of the Belfast South constituencies for the Northern Ireland Assembly and UK Parliament.

The district is bounded to the west and south west by the M1 Motorway, to east and south east by the River Lagan, to the east and north east by the Malone Road and to the north by Belfast City Hospital, Queen's University Belfast and Royal Victoria Hospital.

The Lisburn Road is the main arterial route through the centre of the district, which also contains a number of public facilities including: the King's Hall conference and exhibition centre, the Musgrave Park Hospital, Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park and Windsor Park, the home ground of the Northern Ireland national football team. It is served by the Adelaide, Balmoral and Finaghy railway stations.


The DEA was created for the 1985 local elections, where it contained five wards. Four of the wards came from the abolished Area C, which it effectively replaced, with the final ward, Blackstaff, coming from Area F. From the 1993 local elections to the 2011 elections, the area contained six wards, following the creation of the Musgrave ward. For the 2014 local elections, it lost the wards of Blackstaff and Windsor and gained the Belvoir ward, which had previously been part of the abolished Castlereagh Borough Council.


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Map Ward Population
(2011 Census)
Catholic Protestant Other No Religion Area Density NI Assembly UK Parliament Ref
1 Blackstaff 3,998 15% 71.5% 1.8% 11.7% 1.92 km2 2,082/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [1]
2 Finaghy 4,555 49.2% 42.6% 2.6% 5.6% 2.59 km2 1,759/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [2]
3 Malone 5,555 61.2% 30.3% 2.3% 6.3% 2.18 km2 2,548/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [3]
4 Musgrave 4,927 60.6% 32.9% 1.7% 4.8% 1.78 km2 2,768/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [4]
5 Upper Malone 4,841 29.4% 60.1% 2.5% 8.1% 4.32 km2 1,121/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [5]
6 Windsor 8,141 41.6% 40.7% 5.8% 11.8% 0.92 km2 8,849/km2 Belfast South Belfast South [6]
Balmoral 32,017 43.8% 44.8% 3.1% 8.3% 13.71 km2 2,335/km2


The King's Hall is a multi-purpose venue located in Balmoral.
Election Councillor
2014 Paula Bradshaw
(Alliance Party)
Claire Hanna
Five seats from 2014 Máirtín Ó Muilleoir
(Sinn Féin)
Christopher Stalford
Jeff Dudgeon
2011 Tom Ekin
(Alliance Party)
Bernie Kelly
Ruth Patterson
Bob Stoker
2005 Carmel Hanna
Jim Kirkpatrick
2001 Catherine Molloy
Margaret Crooks
1997 Harry Smith
1993 Philip McGarry
(Alliance Party)
Dorita Field
Harry Smith
Joan Parkes
Jim Kirkpatrick
1989 Mark Long
(Alliance Party)
Additional seat from 1993
1985 John Montgomery
(Alliance Party)
Billy Dickson

In May 2011, Councillors Tom Ekin, Ruth Patterson and Bob Stoker were appointed as Aldermen by Belfast City Council. Alderman Ruth Patterson also served as Deputy Lord Mayor, 2011–12, while Mairtin O'Muilleoir is serving as Lord Mayor for 2013-14.

2011 Elections

See also: Results of elections in 2011; 2005; 2001; 1997; 1993; 1989 and 1985.
Belfast City Council elections, 2011[7]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Alliance Tom Ekin 1,762
DUP Ruth Patterson 1,553
Sinn Féin Máirtín Ó Muilleoir 1,465
SDLP Claire Hanna 1,443
UUP Bob Stoker 922
SDLP Niall Kelly 743
SDLP Bernie Kelly 706
UUP Jim Kirkpatrick 578
DUP Sharon Simpson 396
Green (NI) Mark Simpson 282
People Before Profit Andrew King 107
Turnout 9,957
Sinn Féin gain from Democratic Unionist

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