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The Central African Games was an international multi-sport event for countries within Central Africa. It was held on three occasions: in 1976 in Libreville, Gabon, in 1981 in Luanda, Angola, and finally in 1987 in Brazzaville, People's Republic of the Congo.[1][2]

A "Central African Cup" competition had been organised in Brazzaville in 1972, featuring a number of sporting events, and this proved to be a precursor to the Central African Games, which was first held four years later. The first Games were designed as a buildup to the 1976 Summer Olympics,[3] but this proved to be the year's highlight for many of the athletes as many African countries boycotted the Olympics in protest of New Zealand's sporting links with Apartheid-era South Africa.[4]

Events at the final edition of the Games in 1987 acted as qualifiers for the 1987 All-Africa Games in some cases.[3]


Year Dates Host city Nations Athletes Sports
1976 30 June – 10 July Gabon Libreville, Gabon 11  ? 8
1981 20 August – 2 September Angola Luanda, Angola  ?  ? 8
1987 18–30 April Republic of the Congo Brazzaville, People's Republic of the Congo 11  ? 5



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