Madagascar–Russia relations

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Madagascar–Russia relations



Madagascar–Russia relations (Russian: Российско-мадагаскарские отношения or Мадагаскарско-российские отношения) is the bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Madagascar and Russia. The establishment of diplomatic relations between Madagascar and the Soviet Union started on September 29, 1972. Russia has an embassy in Antananarivo. Madagascar has an embassy in Moscow.


During the 2009 Malagasy political crisis, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia is "concerned by the increased frequency of attempts on the African continent to resort to non-constitutional methods of solving internal political problems." He went on to say that, in addition to increasing economic and social problems, the use of force is of concern and runs counter to democratic principles, whilst affirming Russia's support of the African Union's position.[1]

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