Guyana–Russia relations

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Guyana-Russia relations



Guyana–Russia relations is the bilateral foreign relations between the Russian Federation and Guyana.


Soviet-era relations

The Soviet Union and Guyana established diplomatic relations on 17 December 1970.[1]

In October 1985, the Soviet Union delivered three Mil Mi-8 helicopters to Georgetown for use by the Guyana Defence Force.[2]

In the 1980s Guyana Airways operated a Tupolev Tu-154 passenger jet on lease from TAROM of Romania, and purchased three additional Tu-154s from the Soviet Union and Romania in a barter deal in exchange for bauxite.[2]

Russian Federation relations

Diplomatic ties

On 8 January 1992, Guyana recognised the Russian Federation as the successor state to the Soviet Union, after the latter's dissolution.[3] Russia has an embassy in Georgetown, and Guyana covers Russia from its High Commission in London. The current Ambassador of Russia to Guyana is Pavel Sergiyev, who was appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 27 July 2007,[4] and presented his Letters of Credence to President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo on 12 September 2007.[5] The current Ambassador of Guyana to Russia is Laleshwar Singh, resident in London and whom presented his Letters of Credence to Russian President Boris Yeltsin on 20 June 1995.[6]

Economic ties

In January 2006, Rusal reached an agreement with the government of Guyana to purchase 90% of the Aroaima Mining Company, leaving the government with a ten percent share.[7] The deal, according to Rusal, would see the Russian company investing US$20 million in the bauxite miner, with mines in Berbice.[7][8]

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