Mozambique–Russia relations

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Mozambique–Russia relations



Mozambique–Russia relations (Russian: Российско-мозамбикские отношения) date back to the 1960s, when Russia began to support the struggle of Mozambique's Marxist-oriented FRELIMO party against Portuguese colonialism. Most leaders of the FRELIMO were trained in Moscow. Diplomatic relations were formally established on 25 June 1975, soon after Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal. In June 2007, both Russia and Mozambique signed an agreement on economic cooperation.[1] Russia has an embassy in Maputo while Mozambique has an embassy in Moscow, Russia.

Bilateral Relations

By the end of 1980. there were more than 1500 Russians in Mozambique, including teachers, doctors, geologists, gas workers and pilots. During the 1990s, the volume of trade and economic relations significantly decreased (including the lack of necessary interest of Russian business structures to the Mozambican market). Since the mid-1990s, began a gradual intensification of bilateral cooperation. Developing a political dialogue. In 2002, signed a protocol on cooperation between the foreign ministries, which are conducted on the basis of consultations in Moscow. In December 2009, an intergovernmental agreement on visa-free travel of holders of diplomatic and service passports (which came into force in May 2010). Develop bilateral interagency contacts, including under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Mozambique (agreed a draft agreement on cooperation). Turnover in 2010 - 44.0 million (2009 - 45.1 million, 2008 - $ 32.9 million). Approved and ready to be signed a draft agreement on cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce of the two countries. Mozambican economy perspective branches of Russian investments in the medium and long-term projects are the extraction of mineral resources, energy, fisheries, transportation, information technology, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, forestry. In November 2010 Minsportturizma between Russia and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Mozambique signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports. Ties in the field of science and education. In 2010, to study in Russia for state scholarships were sent 25 students from Mozambique.

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