Chrysanthus of Constantinople

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His All Holiness
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Patriarch Chrysanthos.jpg
Church Church of Constantinople
Diocese Constantinople
See Ecumenical Patriarchate
Installed July 9, 1824
Term ended September 26, 1826
Predecessor Anthimus III
Successor Agathangelus
Personal details
Birth name Chrysanthos Manoleas (Χρύσανθος Μανωλέας)
Born February 25, 1768
Kato Grammatiko, Ottoman Empire
Died September 10, 1834
Kayseri, Ottoman Empire
Buried Monastery of Christ the Saviour, Prinkipos
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Church
Occupation Ecumenical Patriarch

Chrysanthos (Greek: Χρύσανθος), original surname Manoleas (Greek: Μανωλέας) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople during the period 1824-1826.

He was a Slavophone Greek and was born on 25 February 1768 in the village now known as Kato Grammatiko. He descended from the Manoleas family, whose descendants still live today.[1] He served as metropolitan bishop of Kaisaria, Veria and, from 1811, of Serres, position he held when he was elected Patriarch of Constantinople on 9 July 1824, after the deposition of his predecessor, Anthimus III.

He was a member of the Filiki Eteria. He was educated, but also arrogant, and he made many enemies. He was accused of having an affair with Evfimia, widow of the traitor Asimakis, and for this reason he was deposed by the Turks on 26 September 1826 and was exiled to Kayseri. He died on 10 September 1834 and was buried in the Monastery of Christ the Saviour in the island of Prinkipos,[2] where he resided for the last years of his life.



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