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Ellsworth Toohey in The Fountainhead is the personification of smirking, manipulative evil. By the late 20th century, a coordinated network of Tooheys controlled everything that the average person thought they knew, and fronted candidates across the political spectrum in dozens of nations. Their goal, per archetypical cinematic supervillain ambition, is to take over the world. By the turn of the 21st century, they had largely succeeded. The Shadow Party is, essentially, the new global oligarchy and incipient despotism.
"The best of all rulers is but a shadowy presence to his subjects" (Tao Te Ching) "Best" being in the eye of the beholder, of course; if no one knows who you are, removing you from power will prove difficult.

The Shadow Party is the apex umbrella entity de facto ruling the United States, the European Union, China, Russia, and most other large international political consortiums and strategically-important nations from behind a facade of democracy and a seemingly free but actually controlled press, with these being even more-severely curtailed in some overtly dictatorial member states. It furtively selects and grooms candidates and secures their appointment via propaganda and electoral fraud. Through its acquisition and/or control of old money trusts, mainstream media, alphabet-soup agencies, and tax exempt charities, it has become extremely wealthy and influential, and is well-practiced in making countervailing narratives disappear.


Having its origin in the French Revolution, the Shadow Party has been in existence for over two centuries, albeit possessing real political power only intermittently prior to its first major enduring governmental capture with the October Revolution. Infiltration of the Western democracies began in earnest during the "Progressive Era" of the Wilson administration, accelerated with FDR's "New Deal" and the creation of the United Nations, during which time it busied itself in active measures to implement Comintern objectives. By the time of the Hiss case in 1950, its objectives were fashionable in high society, and have remained so ever since. It further entrenched its power cultivating the Moscow Bill and Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. US Presidential administrations.

While largely invisible until the advent of the internet and uncontrolled information spread, the Shadow Party could previously be theorized to exist due to a black hole-like warping effect inducing incongruously lockstep ideological conformity to the socialist agenda across seemingly disparate and disconnected players. This ideological aspect, however, is a facade, at least as far as the top tier is concerned, as the prospect of controlling and siphoning the wealth of prosperous nations out-weighs scorched-earth sentiments: The willingness to discard previously-espoused "isms" is a crucial Litmus test for being promoted into the upper echelons of its power-structure (e.g., Alan Greenspan parting ways with Objectivism, and blatant communist scions such as Obama being curiously reticent to fully implement hard-core Marxist objectives despite ample opportunity.


The Shadow Party is a powerful monied cartel that keeps itself well hidden behind a smokescreen of prominent political organizations that do its bidding regardless of professed ideology. Willingness to abandon principles is a requirement for any particular political figurehead's career advancement. All such "tools" are heavily compromised (i.e., guilty of onerous crimes) and therefore susceptible to permanent blackmail; the most loyal members willingly commit such crimes as initiation-ritual.


The Shadow Party is presently (2018-) engineering a cyclical economic collapse during the Republican "heel" Trump administration, with the so-called political "right" to then be blamed for it. (Note: This prediction was first made here on March 11, 2018.[1] The global bull-market peaked February 14, 2020, then sharply collapsed as the phony common cold coronavirus Covid-19 hysteria was used as an excuse to eviscerate economies via lockdowns, and set the stage for compulsory vaccination.)

The Shadow Party's current proffered scapegoat and bagman (at least as far as the United States is concerned) is George Soros, ostensibly acting independently as a doddering billionaire "businessman" donating millions to an intertwined constellation of front groups while incongruously declaring himself hostile to the interests of Vladimir Putin, who returns the favor, both in a facile attempt to pretend they're not joined at the hip. Sores is actually responsible for a comparatively miniscule amount of funding to overtly provocative groups (e.g., the now-defunct ACORN), all of which comprise a sort of overarching charade diverting attention from the vastly greater amount of influence and financing wielded by co-opted UN agencies, NGOs, schools, and foundations. All of these are comparatively dwarfed in turn, however, when a captured government throws its full weight behind implementation of Shadow Party objectives, for example when Obama enacted socialized health-care and the C02 boondoggle in the US.

"Most of you wouldn't know your ass from a hole in the ground unless someone told you otherwise, and this uncritical naivete is why you swallowed your Deep State and fake anti-state media organ pretenses of hating and fearing my campaign promises to drain their swamp so much that they gave me around-the-clock free advertising[1] the moment I announced my candidacy in 2015 so that I could coast straight into the White House after only narrowly defeating some crippled witch with skeletons packed into her closet like cordwood. It's truly amazing how these things just randomly happen to swell guys like me when I could have instead disappeared in a poof of smoke after New Hampshire had they instead decided not to cover me at all like those shunned bastards whose names you've already forgotten. The reality is that elections are rigged, and have been for quite some time to keep the plunder trains running smoothly. Guys like me? We're actors now, and are not permitted to get anywhere near real power without decades' worth of loyalty-tests resulting in only those aspirants judged most trustworthy to follow script being anointed. (This is also why there's no incentive for us to assassinate each other, as was once popular, in case you're wondering why that never happens anymore.) Periodic voting remains as a national past-time to keep you both entertained and pacified, like a cat fascinated by a laser-pointer."


The term "Shadow Party" is a monicker coined by David Horowitz in his descriptions of the smaller portion of the elephant he had witnessed in the United States while unaware of its true scope or longevity.


The Shadow Party is driven in pursuit of power as an end to itself. Politically socialist but capable of masquerading as any "-ism" when establishing fall-back propaganda positions, it is envious of the productive West and seeks to steal and co-opt what it can, and destroy the rest out of spite (although, as noted above, restraint in exercising this sentiment manifests once the Shadow Party does acquire power over a territory, as it prefers a healthy host over a dead one). Throughout most of the 20th century, its ulterior mission was pro-Soviet and largely remains so; all publicly-claimed goals of Shadow Party-component functionaries service the hidden agenda. For example, bandying charges of "Islamophobia" has a dual-use in furthering tribalist identity politics as well as attempting to instill a "hands-off" foreign-policy in the West regards the Middle East, which, when successfully implemented (as, say, under the Obama administration), leaves Russia with a free hand to do as it pleases there, with the United States under its puppet acting as a satellite. For another example, the global warming hysteria of the last quarter-century has greatly benefited Russian oil and gas exportation as a result of the European ban on fracking their own immense fuel reserves while simultaneously stymieing Western industrial productivity. A significant fraction of the environmental movement exists solely as a cover for Marxist operatives intercepting government funding and donations, and, as always, seeking to sap Western productivity.

A Fabian eugenicist mindset exists at the upper level of The Shadow Party, and is manifest in continual bait-and-switch and foot-dragging tactics regarding presumptive socialist goals of a non-white world state. It is important to consider that major players such as UN Secretary-Generals and incubated-from-conception Presidents like Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. are its employees; they are not promoted to where they are without decades-long processes of water-carrying loyalty tests, with multiple layers of contingencies in place to preclude potential defection. The Shadow Party is as equally adept at fronting leftist and racist black leaders as it is in penetrating and controlling far-right nationalist groups, resulting in a widely disparate political landscape in which every viewpoint is amply represented while the hidden totalitarian agenda of escalating government control remains uniform no matter which movement the citizen throws his energy toward.


Akin to the sunlight-loathing vampires of fictional yore, the Shadow Party can only survive by remaining hidden and concealing its ulterior objectives. To accomplish this, it expends enormous resources on continual fall-back propaganda and burying and memory-holing revelations. A strategy of continuous lying saps intellectual vitality, precludes the involvement of the most capable men, and results in organizational difficulties resultant from too many within the ranks believing the propaganda they're tasked with disseminating.

Variant nomenclature

The majority of people alive in the West at present (circa 2018) have not known a day in their lives in which academia, the press, and government permanent bureaucracy world-wide did not uniformly promote and implement a thinly-veiled socialist agenda. This context is so pervasive that it is almost invisible to those who've grown up within it, as if fish assuming water is the norm. Such "fish people", accustomed to this "breathing water" norm, do not spot the obvious elephant in the room when searching for clues as to who, ultimately, rules over them. They'll obsess over superseded secret societies, money-grubbing "bankstas", and criminal rings (some ultimately figments, others extant and retained by the Shadow Party as ablative armor to be discarded as necessary), shriveling husks of declining faiths, and deceased empires—when all of them have long since been completely engulfed, with their assets and activities repurposed to implementing Shadow Party political objectives.

The Cathedral

"The Cathedral", a Dark Enlightenment term invented by Curtis Yarvin,[2] is used among some alt-right and neoreaction political movements of the 2010s[3] to describe the Western World's alleged secular state religion. The Cathedral is claimed to be an emergent conspiracy overseen by internationally-minded social elites who follow the principles of political correctness, and whose goal is the long-term decline and replacement of traditional Western civilization.

The Cabal

"The Cabal" is a descriptive used by many conspiracy-theorists, particularly among those accepting the "pizzagate" thesis postulating a child-sex ring involving major political figures.

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