ISO 4157

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ISO 4157 is an ISO standard for construction drawings and designation systems.

It is composed of 3 parts:

  • ISO 4157-1:1988 "Construction drawings -- Designation systems -- Part 1: Buildings and parts of buildings"
  • ISO 4157-2:1988 "Construction drawings -- Designation systems -- Part 2: Room names and numbers"
  • ISO 4157-3:1988 "Construction drawings -- Designation systems -- Part 3: Room identifiers"

Main definitions:

  • Floor n: is the horizontal partition between storey n and storey (n+1). Note: the floor in storey 5 is named as floor 4.
  • Room: Identifiable physical space (area or volume, space or void) bounded actually or theoretically, although it is not traditionally thought of as a room (also not completely enclosed by walls, ceiling and floor).
  • Room identifiers: registration number of spaces:
  • Room numbers: numbers (code) of rooms

Standard samples:

00 Ground floor
05 5th floor
-2 2nd basement floor
#0215 2nd floor, room 15

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