List of World Backgammon champions

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The following is a List of World Backgammon Champions:[1][2][3]

Year Name Country Ladies' Champion Tournament Location
1967 Tim Holland United States Las Vegas
1968 Tim Holland United States Las Vegas
1969 Alice Topping United States Las Vegas
1970 no championship
1971 Tim Holland United States Las Vegas
1972 Oswald Jacoby United States Las Vegas
1973 Carol Crawford United States Las Vegas
1974 Claude Beer United States Las Vegas
1975 Billy Eisenberg United States Bahamas
1976 Baron Vernon Ball United States Bahamas
1976 Joe Dwek United Kingdom Monte Carlo
1977 Ken Goodman United States Bahamas
1977 Jean Noel Grinda France Monte Carlo
1978 Paul Magriel United States Bahamas
1978 Richard de Surmont France Monte Carlo
1979 Luigi Villa Italy Monte Carlo
1980 Walter Coratella Mexico Monte Carlo
1981 Lee Genud United States Monte Carlo
1982 Jacques Michel Switzerland Monte Carlo
1983 Bill Robertie United States Monte Carlo
1984 Mike Svobodny United States Monte Carlo
1985 Charles-Henri Sabet Italy Monte Carlo
1986 Clement Palacci Italy Monte Carlo
1987 Bill Robertie United States Monte Carlo
1988 Phillip Marmorstein Germany Monte Carlo
1989 Joe Russell United States Monte Carlo
1990 Hal Heinrich Canada Monte Carlo
1991 Michael Meyburg Germany Monte Carlo
1992 Ion Ressu Romania Monte Carlo
1993 Peter Jes Thomsen Denmark Monte Carlo
1994 Frank Frigo United States Monte Carlo
1995 David Ben-Zion Israel Monte Carlo
1996 David Nahmad Israel Monte Carlo
1997 Jerry Grandell Sweden Monte Carlo
1998 Michael Meyburg Germany Monte Carlo
1999 Jörgen Granstedt Sweden Monte Carlo
2000 Katie Scalamandre United States Monte Carlo
2001 Jörgen Granstedt Sweden Monte Carlo
2002 Mads Andersen Denmark Monte Carlo
2003 Jon Kristian Røyset Norway Monte Carlo
2004 Peter Hallberg Denmark Monte Carlo
2005 Dennis Carlston United States Monte Carlo
2006 Philip Vischjager Netherlands Monte Carlo
2007 Jorge Pan Argentina Monte Carlo
2008 Lars Trabolt Denmark Scarlett Serrero (France) Monte Carlo
2009 Masayuki Mochizuki Japan Sara Utku (Sweden) Monte Carlo
2010 Lars Bentzon Denmark Zoe Cunningham (England) Monte Carlo
2011 Takumitsu Suzuki Japan Lynn Ehrlich (USA) Monte Carlo
2012 Nevzat Dogan Denmark Laura Monaco (Italy) Monte Carlo
2013 Vyacheslav Pryadkin Ukraine Laura Monaco (Italy) Monte Carlo
2014 Akiko Yazawa Japan Laura Monaco (Italy) Monte Carlo
2015 Ali Cihangir Çetinel Turkey Laura Monaco (Italy) Monte Carlo

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