Security Information Service

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Security Information Service
Bezpečnostní informační služba
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Agency overview
Formed 30 July 1994
Preceding agencies
  • Security Information Service of the Czech Republic (1992)
  • (Czechoslovak) Federal Security Information Service
Jurisdiction Government of the Czech Republic
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Annual budget $49,584,953 USD (2005)[1][2]
Agency executive
Parent agency none
File:Rozvadovská spojka, BIS.jpg
BIS headquarters is located in Prague.

The Security Information Service (BIS) (Czech: Bezpečnostní informační služba), is the primary domestic national intelligence agency of the Czech Republic.[3] It performs duties associated with the analysis, democracy and constitutionality, terrorism, counter-intelligence, cybersecurity, organized crime, proliferation and use of strategically important intelligence regarding the fields of politics, economics and intelligence within the territory of the Czech Republic.[4] BIS reports to the Government, Prime Minister and the President.

Command, control and organization

The BIS is strictly apolitical and has no police powers - it cannot detain, arrest or interrogate suspects. The BIS reports to the Government, Prime Minister and President of the Czech Republic and its activities are regulated and controlled by the Government, Chamber of Deputies' committee and its own internal audit.[5] The service is headed by the Director who is appointed by the Prime Minister with Chamber of Deputies confirmation and also appealed by the head of government.[6]

The current Director is Jiří Lang, serving since 24 June 2003.[7]

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