Wusta clashes

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Wusta clashes (2016)
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date 12 January 2016
(1 day)
Location Al-Qamishli, Hasakah Governorate, North-Eastern Syria
Status Ceasefire
Assyrians/Syriacs  Syrian Kurdistan
Units involved
Logo of the Gozarto Protection Forces.jpg Sootoro (GPF) People's Protection Units Flag.svg YPG
~ 500 fighters 30 vehicles, hundreds of fighters[1]
Casualties and losses
1 killed, 2 wounded[1][2][3] 3 killed[2]
3 wounded[2]

In the aftermath of the 2015 al-Qamishli bombings that targeted Syriac Christian restaurants, the Assyrian Sootoro defense militia set up security checkpoints around the perimeter of the al-Wusta neighborhood, a predominately Christian district of al-Qamishli.[2][4]

On 12 January, at around 12:45, a group of Kurdish YPG fighters approached a GPF manned checkpoint and demanded that the militia take down the security barriers, stating that the checkpoints bothered residents and must be removed.[3][4] When this was refused, a YPG gunner opened fire from a 30. or 50. caliber machine gun mounted on a technical vehicle. A GPF fighter was struck in the head and killed instantly.[2] In the aftermath, fighting and exchanges of gun fire continued for over an hour between both sides and ended when the YPG asked a Syrian government representative to mediate a ceasefire.[1] During the clashes, 3 YPG fighters were killed, 2 GPF were wounded, and 3 civilian was injured in the cross-fire.[1][2][3][4]


Flag of Assyria.svg Assyrian Federation of Sweden: On 17 January, 200 Assyrians attended demonstrations in Stockholm against Kurdish aggression.[1]

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