List of airports and airstrips in Serbia including Kosovo

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This is a list of airports and heliports in Serbia (with Kosovo)[a], grouped by type and sorted by location.


Location/city served ICAO IATA FAA Other Facility name
Belgrade LYBE BEG Nikola Tesla International Airport
Kraljevo LYKV KVO Kraljevo "Morava" Airport
Niš LYNI INI Niš Constantine the Great Airport
Pristina (Kosovo[a]) LYPR PRN Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari
Vršac LYVR VRC Vršac International Airport
Užice LYUZ UZC LY88 Užice-Ponikve Airport
Bela Crkva LYCC Bela Crkva Airport
Belgrade LYBJ Lisičji Jarak Airport
Bor LYBO LY89 Bor Airport
Čačak-Preljina LYCA Čačak-Preljina Airport
Jagodina LYJA Jagodina Airport
Kikinda LYKI Kikinda Airport
Knjaževac LYKZ Knjaževac Airport
Kostolac LYKT Kostolac Airport
Kraljevo LYKA Kraljevo Sport Airport
Kruševac LYKS Kruševac Airport
Leskovac LYLE Leskovac Airport
Novi Sad LYNS QND Novi Sad Airport
Pančevo LYPA QBG Pančevo Airport
Paraćin LYPN Paraćin Airport
Smederevo LYSD Smederevo Airport
Smederevska Palanka LYSP Smederevska Palanka Airport
Sremska Mitrovica LYSM Sremska Mitrovica Airport
Stara Pazova SPV Stara Pazova Airport
Subotica LYSU Subotica Airport
Trstenik LYTR Trstenik Airport
Valjevo LYVA QWV Valjevo Airport
Surčin LYPB PGB Progar Airport
Zemun LYZP Zemun Polje Airport
Zrenjanin LYZR Zrenjanin Airport
Belgrade LYBV Banjički Vis Military Base
Batajnica LYBT BJY Batajnica Air Base
Batlava (Kosovo[a]) LYPT Batlava-Donja Penduha Airfield
Bojnik LYBJ BJK Bojnik-Kosančić Airport
Đakovica (Kosovo[a]) LY90 Đakovica Airport
Kovin LY87 Kovin Airport
Kraljevo LYKV KVO Kraljevo-Lađevci Airport
Niš LYNI INI Niš Airport
Pristina (Kosovo[a]) LYPR PRN Slatina Air Base
Sjenica LYSJ SJC Sjenica Airport
Sombor LYSO SOR Sombor Airport

Passenger statistics

Passenger Statistics for Serbia (with Kosovo[a])
Rank Airport Location 2009 Passengers 2010 Passengers Change 2009-2010% 2011 (July) Passengers
1 Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade 2,384,077 2,698,730 Increase 13.2% 2,906,381
2 Pristina International Airport Pristina, Kosovo[a] 1,191,978 1,305,532 Increase 9.5% -
3 Niš Constantine the Great Airport Niš 17,159 23,627 Increase 37.6% 23,183
Total 3,593,214 4,027,889 Increase 12.1% 2,929,564

Future international airports

  • Užice-Ponikve Airport is currently under reconstruction. After the reconstruction, it is expected to have the status of an international airport. The management of Užice-Ponikve Airport confirmed interest of low cost airlines, scheduled and charter airlines. The reconstruction is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2009.
  • Kraljevo-Morava Airport is under heavy reconstruction as well. Its airport terminal building was completed in 2012. A new control tower has been built as well with the investments of €3.5 million, replacing the previously NATO-bombed control tower. Once entirely completed, the airport will be open for public and cargo flights.
  • There is some construction/reconstruction going on at the Zrenjanin Airport as well. The first phase, which is almost complete, is to build a hangar, a terminal and an aircraft parking area. The second phase is to build concrete/asphalt runway 1,800 metres long and 50 metres wide. Once again, with reconstruction, this airport will also get an international airport status.

Airports requested for public use

  • In April 2006, Kovin Airport asked for it to be used for public use, instead of military. The government will most likely accept the move.
  • Sombor Airport is currently used by the military, but there is an interest of foreign investors to be also used as a public one, mostly by tourists.

Airports under reconstruction

  • Vršac Airport, one of the busiest sport airports in Serbia, is being planned for reconstruction. The current runway needs to be lengthened by 1,800 m. The width will also be increased by 30 m. What also needs to be done is the strengthening of the whole construction of the runway, taxiway and terminal platform, according to the 30 tonnes of airplane weight. Vršac Airport also has a pilot training academy.
  • Bor Airport is also getting reconstructed. The runway will be modified and equipment will be brought for use in the terminal. Due to Belgrade Airport's terminal 1 being renovated, its equipment is to be relocated to Bor Airport.

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a. ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the Brussels Agreement. Kosovo has been recognised as an independent state by 108 out of 193 United Nations member states.


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