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This is a list of notable video game companies that have made games for either computers or video game consoles, and includes companies that currently exist as well as now-defunct companies. See List of video games for other lists relating to video games and defunct video game companies for a more specific list of companies that no longer exist.


The following list has 27 segments in total, ranging from A to Z, and a numerical section.

0-9 A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Active independently
Active as subsidiary
Defunct and no longer active


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
0verflow Tokyo Japan 1997
1st Playable Productions Troy USA 2005
2K Czech Brno Czech Republic 1997 Mafia II Subsidiary of 2K Games; previously known as Illusion Softworks
2XL Games Phoenix USA 2006
3D Realms Garland USA 1987 Duke Nukem
343 Industries Kirkland USA 2009 Halo 4 Subsidiary of Microsoft Studios, took over development for the Halo franchise from Bungie
38 Studios Providence USA 2006 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Defunct in 2012
3G Studios Reno USA 2002 The Dating Game
Skate or Die
Rock Band (w/Harmonix)
Started as Battleborne Entertainment in 2002 and became 3G Studios in 2006; developer of console, mobile and social games
42 Entertainment Pasadena USA 1993
4A Games Kyiv Ukraine 2005 Metro 2033
Metro: Last Light
5pb. Inc. Shibuya Japan 2005
5th Cell Bellevue USA 2003
989 Studios Foster City USA 1995


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Acclaim Entertainment Glen Cove USA 1987 Turok Publisher/Developer; declared Bankruptcy August 2004
Accolade San José USA 1984 HardBall! series
Star Control series
Test Drive series
Former publisher and developer. Acquired by Atari, SA née Infogrames in 1999, name retired.
Access Games Osaka Japan 2002 Deadly Premonition
Access Software Salt Lake City USA 1982 Under a Killing Moon
The Pandora Directive
Acquired by Microsoft
Aces Studio Redmond USA Microsoft Flight Simulator Acquired by Microsoft
ACE Team Santiago de Chile Chile 2007
Acheron Design Melbourne Australia 2004
Action Forms Kiev Ukraine 1995
Active Gaming Media Osaka Japan 2006 Game localization, debugging/testing, international indie game distribution, publishing
Activision Santa Monica USA 1979 Call of Duty series
Crash Bandicoot series
Spyro the Dragon series
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series
Guitar Hero series
Also video game developer; acquired several other developers; merged with Vivendi to form Activision Blizzard in 2008
Activision Blizzard Santa Monica USA 2008 Also video game publisher. Formed by merger between Activision and Vivendi Games in 2008.
Adventure Soft Birmingham England 1992 Publisher/Developer
Akella Moscow Russia 1995 Age of Sail II
Age of Pirates series
Sea Dogs
Aki Corporation Tokyo Japan 1995
Alfa System Kumamoto City Japan 1988
Amazon Game Studios Seattle, WA USA 2012 Subsidiary of
Ancient Hino Japan 1990
Anino Games Manila Philippines 2001 Despicable Me: Minion Mania
Ankama Games Roubaix France 2001 Wakfu
AQ Interactive Tokyo Japan 2005 Defunct in 2011
Arc System Works Yokohama Japan 1988 Guilty Gear
Arkane Studios Lyon France 1999 Arx Fatalis
Subsidiary of ZeniMax Media
Arkedo Studio Paris France 2006
ArenaNet Bellevue USA 2000 Guild Wars
Arika Tokyo Japan 1995
Art Co., Ltd Tokyo Japan 1995
Artdink Tsukishima Japan 1986
ArtePiazza Tokyo Japan 1989
Artificial Studios Gainesville USA 2001 Game engine developer
Artoon Yokohama Japan 1999 Subsidiary of AQ Interactive; defunct in 2010
Asobo Studio Bordeaux France 2002
Ascaron Gütersloh Germany 1989 Sacred series Publisher/Developer
Atlus Tokyo Japan 1986 Megami Tensei series Publisher/Developer; subsidiary of Index Holdings
Atomic Planet Entertainment Middlesbrough England 2000 Defunct in 2009
Attic Entertainment Software Albstadt Germany 1990 Publisher/Developer; defunct in 2001
Avalanche Studios Stockholm Sweden 2003 Just Cause series
Avalanche Software Salt Lake City USA 1995 Disney Infinity Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios
Aventurine SA Athens Greece 2002 Darkfall


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Babaroga Chicago USA 2001
Backbone Entertainment Emeryville USA 1992
Bandai Namco Studios Tokyo Japan 2012 Dragon Ball series
Tales series
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series
Ace Combat series
Dark Souls series
Pac-Man series
Tekken series
Souls series
Subsidiary of Bandai Namco Entertainment; functions as the core video game development studio of Bandai Namco Games
Banpresto Tokyo Japan 1977 Super Robot Wars Subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings
Bauhaus Entertainment Tokyo Japan 2006
Beenox Quebec City Canada 2000 Spider-Man game series Subsidiary of Activision on May 25, 2005
Behaviour Interactive Montreal Canada 1992
Behemoth, The San Diego USA 2002
Bethesda Softworks Rockville USA 1985 The Elder Scrolls series
Fallout series
Publisher/Developer; subsidiary of ZeniMax Media
Big Huge Games Timonium USA 2000 Rise of Nations
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Binary Hammer Avon USA 2008
BioWare Edmonton Canada 1995 Baldur's Gate series
Mass Effect series
Dragon Age series
Division of Electronic Arts
The Bitmap Brothers London England 1987
Bits Studios London England 1991
Bizarre Creations Liverpool England 1994 Project Gotham Racing series
Geometry Wars series
Defunct in 2011
Black Forest Games Offenburg Germany 2012 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Black Rock Studio Brighton England 1998 Defunct in 2011
Black Shell Games California USA 2012 SanctuaryRPG
Black Wing Foundation Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine 2006 Stalin vs. Martians
Speed Kills
Chaos Domain
Blitz Games Studios Leamington Spa England 1990
Blizzard Entertainment Irvine USA 1991 Diablo series
StarCraft series
Warcraft franchise
Publisher/Developer; acquired by Vivendi and became part of Vivendi Games group in 1998; merged into Activision Blizzard in 2008
Blue Byte Software Düsseldorf Germany 1988 The Settlers Subsidiary of Ubisoft
Blue Fang Games Waltham USA 1998 Zoo Tycoon series Shut down in 2011
Blue Tongue Entertainment Melbourne Australia 1995 Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
de Blob
Shut down in 2011; subsidiary of THQ
Bohemia Interactive Prague Czech Republic 1999 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Arma series
Take On Helicopters
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Boss Fight Entertainment McKinney, TX USA 2013 Dungeon Boss Developer
Boss Key Productions Raleigh, North Carolina USA 2014 LawBreakers Founded by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee
BreakAway Games Hunt Valley USA 1998
Brøderbund Eugene USA 1980 Defunct in 1998
Brownie Brown Tokyo Japan 2000 Mother 3 Subsidiary of Nintendo
Bullfrog Productions Guildford England 1987 Magic Carpet
Dungeon Keeper
Defunct in 2001
Buka Entertainment Moscow Russia 1994 Publisher; subsidiary of 1C Company
Bugbear Entertainment Helsinki Finland 2000 FlatOut series
Bungie Studios Bellevue USA 1991 Halo series
Pathways into Darkness
Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete
Operation: Desert Storm
Developer, mobile/social game publisher


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Capcom Osaka Japan 1979 Mega Man series
Resident Evil series
Street Fighter series
Devil May Cry series
Dead Rising series
Monster Hunter series
Ace Attorney series
Lost Planet series
Capcom Vancouver Burnaby Canada 2005 Dead Rising series Founded as Blue Castle Games; acquired by Capcom in 2010
Cauldron Bratislava Slovakia 1996 Chaser
Cave Shinjuku Japan 1994
Cavia Tokyo Japan 2000
CCP Games Reykjavík Iceland 1997 Eve Online Publisher/Developer
CD Projekt RED Warsaw Poland 2002 The Witcher series Subsidiary of
Centuri Hialeah USA 1974 arcade game supplier
Certain Affinity Austin USA 2006 Co-developed Halo series
Chunsoft Shinjuku Japan 1984 Mystery Dungeon Merged with Spike to become Spike Chunsoft in 2012
Cing Fukuoka Japan 1999
Clap Hanz Yokohama Japan 1998 Everybody's Golf series
Everybody's Tennis series
Climax Entertainment Tokyo Japan 1990
Climax Studios Portsmouth England 1988
Cloud Imperium Games Santa Monica and Austin USA 2012 Star Citizen
Coded Illusions Rotterdam Netherlands 2005
Codemasters Southam England 1985 F1 series
Colin McRae Rally series
Operation Flashpoint series
Grid series
Coktel Vision Paris France 1985 Former publisher
Compile Heart Tokyo Japan 2006 Hyperdimension Neptunia series
Record of Agarest War
Publisher/Developer; subsidiary of Idea Factory
Core Design Derby England 1988 Tomb Raider series Subsidiary of Eidos Interactive, closed down in 2006
Crafts & Meister Osaka Japan 2004
Creat Studios Canton USA 1990
Creative Assembly Horsham England 1987 Total War series
Alien: Isolation
Subsidiary of Sega
Criterion Games Guildford England 1993 Burnout series Subsidiary of Electronic Arts
Croteam Zagreb Croatia 1993 Serious Sam series
The Talos Principle
Cryo Interactive Paris France 1992 Bankrupt in 2002
Cryptic Studios Los Gatos USA 2000 City of Heroes
Champions Online
Star Trek Online
Subsidiary of Perfect World
Crystal Dynamics Redwood City USA 1992 Legacy Of Kain series
Tomb Raider series (second era)
Subsidiary of Square Enix
Crytek Frankfurt Germany 1999 Far Cry
Crysis series
Ryse: Son of Rome
Crytek UK Nottingham England 1999 TimeSplitters series Founded as Free Radical Design; acquired by Crytek in 2009; defunct in 2014
Cyberdreams Liverpool England 2007 Publisher/Developer; successor of Ultrasoft
Cyberlore Studios Northampton USA 1992
Cyan Worlds Mead, Washington USA 1987 Myst series
Cyanide Nanterre France 2000 Pro Cycling Manager series
CyberConnect2 Fukuoka Japan 1996 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Day 1 Studios Chicago USA 2001 [1]
Deadline Games Copenhagen Denmark 1996 Total Overdose
Watchmen: The End Is Nigh
Faith and a .45
Deck13 Frankfurt Germany 2001 Ankh series
Deep Silver Munich Germany 1994
Demiurge Studios Cambridge USA 2002
Dhruva Interactive Bangalore India 1997
Die Gute Fabrik Copenhagen Denmark 2006 Where is my Heart?
Digital Illusions CE Stockholm Sweden 1988 Battlefield series
Mirror's Edge
Acquired by Electronic Arts in 2004
Digital Reality Budapest Hungary 1991 Publisher/Developer
Dimps Osaka Japan 2000
Disney Interactive Studios Glendale USA 1988 Publisher; subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Double Fine Productions San Francisco USA 2000 Psychonauts
Double Helix Games Irvine USA 2007 Silent Hill: Homecoming
Killer Instinct


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Egosoft Würselen Germany 1988 X series
Eidos Interactive London England 1990 Hitman series
Tomb Raider series
Kane & Lynch series
Thief series
Acquired by Square Enix in 2009 and was merged into Square Enix Europe the same year
Electronic Arts/EA Games Redwood City USA 1982 Publisher/Developer
Elev8 Games New Delhi India 2013 Lost in Paradise Developer
Engine Software Doetinchem Netherlands 1995 middleware Developer
Ensemble Studios Dallas USA 1995 Age of Empires series
Age of Mythology
Halo Wars
Former subsidiary of Microsoft Studios
Epic Games Cary USA 1991 Unreal series
Gears of War series
Epic Games Poland Warsaw Poland 2002 Bulletstorm Developer.; founded as People can Fly, acquired and became a subsidiary of Epic Games in 2012
Epicenter Studios Sherman Oaks USA 2007
Epyx San Francisco USA 1978 Publisher/Developer
Etranges Libellules Lyon France 1994
Eugen Systems Paris France 2000 Act of War
Eurocom Derby England 1988
Evolution Studios Runcorn England 1999 World Rally Championship series
MotorStorm series
Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
F4 Paris France 2002
Facepunch Studios Walsall England 2009
FarSight Studios Big Bear Lake USA 1989
Fatshark Stockholm Sweden 2008 War of the Roses
feelplus Tokyo Japan 1992
Firaxis Games Sparks USA 1996 Civilization series (part 3 and later)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Subsidiary of 2K Games
Firefly Studios London England 1999 Stronghold series
First Star Software Chappaqua USA 1982 Publisher, developer and licensor
Flagship Studios San Francisco USA 2003 Hellgate:London
Developer, closed down in 2008.
Flying Wild Hog Warsaw Poland 2009 Hard Reset
Shadow Warrior
Foundation 9 Entertainment Emeryville USA 1992
Fox Interactive Los Angeles USA 1994
Frictional Games Helsingborg Sweden 2001 Penumbra series
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Frogwares Kiev Ukraine 2000 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series
FromSoftware Tokyo Japan 1986 Souls series
Frozenbyte Helsinki Finland 2001 Shadowgrounds series
Trine series
Frontier Developments Cambridge England 1994 Elite series
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
FUN Labs Bucharest Romania 1999 MIB: Alien Crisis
Cabela's series
Funcom Oslo Norway 1993 The Longest Journey series
Anarchy Online
Age of Conan
The Secret World
Futuremark Espoo Finland 1997 Shattered Horizon Benchmark developer, game developer


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Gaijin Entertainment Moscow Russia 2002 War Thunder
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
Game Arts Tokyo Japan 1985 Subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment
GameHouse Seattle USA 1998 Casual game developer, publisher and portal
Gameloft Paris France 1999 Modern Combat: Domination
Order & Chaos Online
Assassin's Creed (for mobile)
Games2win Mumbai India 2005 Online game developer, publisher and portal
Game Stream Ltd Minsk Belarus 2005 World of Tanks Developer, Subsidiary of Wargaming
Game Freak Setagaya-ku Japan 1989 Pokémon series
Gearbox Software Plano USA 1999 Brothers In Arms series
Borderlands series
Half-Life: Opposing Force
Geewa Prague Czech Republic 2005 Age of Defenders
Pool Live Tour
Genki Shinjuku Japan 1990
Giant Interactive Shanghai China 2001 Publisher/Developer
Gogii Games Moncton Canada 2006 Publisher/Developer
Good-Feel Kobe Japan 2005 Yoshi's Woolly World
Grasshopper Manufacture Suginami Japan 1998 Lollipop Chainsaw
Killer Is Dead
Subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment
Gravity Seoul South Korea 2000 Ragnarok Online
Gremlin Interactive Sheffield England 1984 Zool and Premier Manager Taken over by Infogrames in 1999 studio closed in 2003
Grezzo Shibuya Japan 2006 Second-party developer of Nintendo
Griptonite Games Kirkland USA 1994
GSC Game World Kiev Ukraine 1995 S.T.A.L.K.E.R series Developer; defunct in 2011
Guerrilla Games Amsterdam Netherlands 2000 Killzone series Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
GungHo Online Entertainment Tokyo Japan 1998
Gust Corporation Nagano Japan 1993 Atelier series Became a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo in 2014


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Haemimont Games Sofia Bulgaria 1997 Tropico 5
HAL Laboratory Chiyoda Japan 1980 Kirby series Subsidiary of Nintendo
Halfbrick Brisbane Australia 2001 Fruit Ninja
Jetpack Joyride
Mobile game developer
Hanaho Cerritos USA 1992
Harebrained Schemes Seattle USA 2011 Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Harmonix Music Systems Cambridge USA 1995 Guitar Hero series
Rock Band series
Dance Central series
Subsidiary of Viacom
Hasbro Interactive Pawtucket USA 1995 Publisher; defunct in 2001
HB Studios Lunenburg Canada 2000
HeroCraft Kaliningrad Russia 2001
High Moon Studios San Diego USA 2005 Transformers: War for Cybertron series
Subsidiary of Activision
High Voltage Software Hoffman Estates USA 1993 The Conduit series
Hoplon Infotainment Florianópolis Brazil 2004
Hothead Games Vancouver Canada 2006 DeathSpank
Housemarque Helsinki Finland 1995 Super Stardust
Hudson Soft Tokyo Japan 1973 Publisher; subsidiary of Konami
Human Head Studios Madison USA 1997 Rune
Humongous Entertainment Bothell USA 1992
Hyperion Entertainment Brussels Belgium 1999


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
id Software Mesquite USA 1991 Wolfenstein series
Doom series
Quake series
Acquired by ZeniMax Media in June 24, 2009
Idea Factory Shibuya-ku Japan 1994
Ignition Entertainment Essex England 2002 Metal Slug series
Imageepoch Tokyo Japan 2005
Infinity Ward Woodland Hills USA 2002 Call of Duty series Acquired by Activision in 2003.
Infogrames Paris France 1983 Publisher
Incredible Technologies Arlington Heights USA 1985 arcade game designer, arcade game manufacturer
indieszero Musashino Japan 1997
Innerloop Studios Oslo Norway 1996
Insomniac Games Burbank USA 1994 Ratchet and Clank series
Resistance series
Sunset Overdrive
Intelligent Systems Tokyo Japan 1986 Fire Emblem series
Wars series
Subsidiary of Nintendo
Interceptor Entertainment Herning Denmark 2010 Rise of the Triad
Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded
Interplay Entertainment Beverly Hills USA 1983 Publisher/Developer
Introversion Software London England 2002 Darwinia
IO Interactive Copenhagen Denmark 1998 Hitman series
Kane & Lynch series
Developer, subsidiary of Square Enix
Ion Storm Dallas USA 1996 Thief: Deadly Shadows
Deus Ex
Shut down in 2005; subsidiary of Eidos Interactive
Irem Hakusan Japan 1974
Iron Galaxy Studios Chicago USA 2008 Divekick
Borderlands 2 (PSVita)
Irrational Games Quincy USA 1996 BioShock series Subsidiary of 2K Games


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Jadestone Group Stockholm Sweden 2000 Online game developer, mobile game developer
Jagex Cambridge England 2001 RuneScape Online game developer
Jaleco Tokyo Japan 1974
Javaground Irvine USA 2001 Mobile game developer
JoWood Entertainment AG Rottenmann Austria 1995 Gothic series
Painkiller series
The Guild series
SpellForce series
Defunct 2011
Juice Games Warrington England 2003
Jupiter Kyoto Japan 1996
JV Games Las Vegas USA 1999


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Kairosoft Tokyo Japan 1996
Kalypso Media Worms Germany 2006 Tropico series Publisher/Developer
Kaos Studios New York City USA 2006 Frontlines: Fuel of War
Subsidiary of THQ
Kiloo Games Aarhus Denmark 2000 Subway Surfers
Frisbee Forever
BulletTime HD
Mobile game developer
Klei Entertainment Vancouver Canada 2005
Koei Ashikaga Japan 1978 Dynasty Warriors series
Samurai Warriors series
Publisher/Developer; subsidiary of Koei Tecmo; renamed Tecmo Koei Games in 2009 and Koei Tecmo Games in 2014. Brand name still in use
Konami Tokyo Midtown
Japan 1969 Metal Gear series
Castlevania series
Pro Evolution Soccer series
Silent Hill series
Kongzhong Beijing China 2002
Krome Studios Brisbane Australia 1999 Defunct
Krome Studios Melbourne Melbourne Australia 1988 Defunct
Kuju Entertainment Shalford England 1998
Kush Games Camarillo USA 1998
Kuma Reality Games New York City USA 2003


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Larian Studios Oudenaarde Belgium 1996 Divinity series
Legacy Interactive Los Angeles USA 1998 Publisher
Legendo Entertainment Gothenburg Sweden 2004 Publisher
LEGO Group Billund Denmark 1932 LEGO Universe Developer
Level-5 Fukuoka Japan 1998 Dark Cloud series
Professor Layton series
Inazuma Eleven series
Little Battlers Experience series
Yo-Kai Watch series
Lionhead Studios Guildford England 1997 Fable series Subsidiary of Microsoft Studios
Liquid Entertainment Pasadena USA 1999 Battle Realms
Little Green Men Games Zagreb Croatia 2006 Starpoint Gemini Developer
LK Avalon Poland 1989 Hans Kloss
Schizm: Mysterious Journey
Llamasoft Reading England 1982
Linden Lab San Francisco, California USA 1999
Looking Glass Studios Cambridge USA 1990 Ultima Underworld series
System Shock series
Thief series
LucasArts San Francisco USA 1982 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series
Star Wars: Battlefront series
Former publisher and developer; closed as of April 3, 2013 by Disney
Luma Arcade Johannesburg South Africa 2006
Luxoflux Santa Monica USA 1998


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
MachineGames Uppsala Sweden 2009 Wolfenstein: The New Order Developer, acquired by ZeniMax Media
Magenta Software Liverpool England 1994
Majesco Entertainment Edison USA 1986 Publisher/Developer
Marvelous Entertainment Shibuya Japan 1997
Massive Entertainment Malmö Sweden 1997 Ground Control
World In Conflict
Tom Clancy's The Division
Founded in 1997; former subsidiary of Activision and acquired by Ubisoft in 2008
Masthead Studios Sofia Bulgaria 2005 Earthrise
Maxis Software Emeryville USA 1987 The Sims series
SimCity series
Subsidiary under Electronic Arts
Mean Hamster Software Deer Park USA 1985
Media Molecule Guildford England 2006 LittleBigPlanet series
Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
Mediatonic London England 2005 Amateur Surgeon
Robot Unicorn Attack
MegaZebra Munich Germany 2009
Mercury Steam Madrid Spain 2002
Metropolis Software Warsaw Poland 1992 Teenagent
Gorky 17
Studio was bought by CD Projekt in 2008 and closed in 2009.
Microsoft Studios Redmond USA 2002 Age of Empires series
Crackdown series
Fable series
Forza Motorsport series
Gears of War series
Halo series
Microsoft Flight Simulator series
Zoo Tycoon series
Publisher, developer and console manufacturer; established as Microsoft Game Studios
Midway Games Chicago USA 1988 Mortal Kombat series As of 2012, Midway is a corporation existing under Delaware law subject to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy liquidation plan
Milestone Suginami Japan 2003
Milestone S.r.l. Milan Italy 1996
Mind Candy London England 2004 Moshi Monsters
M-Inverse Hong Kong SAR China 2005
Mistwalker Tokyo Japan 2004 Blue Dragon
Mitchell Corporation Tokyo Japan 1960
Modoka Studios Zwolle The Netherlands 2012
Mojang AB Stockholm Sweden 2009 Minecraft
Indie publisher/developer; acquired by Microsoft on September 15, 2014
Monolith Productions Kirkland USA 1994 F.E.A.R. series
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Monolith Soft Tokyo Japan 1999 Xeno series Subsidiary of Nintendo
Mythic Entertainment Fairfax USA 1996 Subsidiary of Electronic Arts


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Nadeo Paris France 2000 TrackMania
Nanobit Zagreb Croatia 2008
Natsume Shinjuku Japan 1987
Naughty Dog Santa Monica, California USA 1986 Crash Bandicoot series
Jak and Daxter series
Uncharted series
The Last of Us
Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
NCsoft Seoul South Korea 1997 Lineage series
Guild Wars
Blade & Soul
Online game developer
NDOORS Corporation Seoul South Korea 1999 Publisher/Developer; subsidiary of Nexon
Neowiz Seoul South Korea 1997
Nerve Software Richardson USA 1999
NetDevil Louisville USA 1997
Netdragon Fuzhou China 1999 Disney Fantasy Online
Eudemons Online
Netease Guangzhou China 1997 Fantasy Westward Journey Developer, publisher, and online services company
NetherRealm Studios Chicago USA 2010 Mortal Kombat series
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Neversoft Woodland USA 1994 Guitar Hero series
Tony Hawk series
Acquired by Activision in 1999; merged into Infinity Ward in 2014
Nexon Seoul South Korea 1994 MapleStory
Next Level Games Vancouver Canada 2002 Super Mario Strikers
NGD Studios Buenos Aires Argentina 2002 Regnum Online
Nibris Kraków Poland
Nihon Falcom Tokyo Japan 1981 Publisher
Ninjabee Orem USA 2005
Ninja Theory Cambridge England 2000 Heavenly Sword
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Nintendo Kyoto Japan 1889 Super Mario series
The Legend of Zelda series
Metroid series
Donkey Kong series
Pikmin series
Animal Crossing series
Pokémon series
F-Zero series
Star Fox series
Kirby series
Mother series
Super Smash Bros. series
Publisher, console manufacturer
Nippon Ichi Software Gifu Prefecture Japan 1991 Disgaea series
Nordeus Belgrade Serbia 2009 Top Eleven Football Manager Publisher/Developer
Novalogic Agoura Hills USA 1985 Publisher
Novarama Barcelona Spain 2003 Invizimals series
Virtual Fighters
Fallen Lords
n-Space Orlando USA 1994 Heroes of Ruin
Port for various video games, include Call of Duty series


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Oddworld Inhabitants San Luis Obispo USA 1994 Oddworld
Obsidian Entertainment Irvine USA 2004 Fallout New Vegas
Neverwinter Nights 2
Dungeon Siege III
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Outrage Entertainment Ann Arbor USA 1996 Descent 3 Closed in 2004.
Outsmart Studios Auckland New Zealand 2005 Smallworlds
Overkill Software Stockholm Sweden 2009 Payday series Acquired by Starbreeze Studios in 2012
Oxygen Studios Croydon England 2006


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Page 44 Studios San Francisco USA 1998 Freekstyle
High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance
Madden NFL 11 iOS
uDraw Pictionary
World of Goo iOS
Acquired by Zynga in 2011.
Pangea Software Texas USA 1987
Paon Tokyo Japan 1999
Papaya Studio Irvine USA 1999
Panther Games Pty Ltd Canberra Australia 1985 Fire-Brigade
Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich
Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean
Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge
Paradox Interactive Stockholm Sweden 1998 Europa Universalis series
Hearts of Iron series
Magicka series
Pillars of Eternity
Crusader Kings series
Publisher and Developer
Parallax Software Ann Arbor USA 1993 Descent series Split into Volition, Inc and Outrage Entertainment
Pandemic Studios Los Angeles USA 1998 Star Wars: Battlefront
Destroy All Humans! series
Full Spectrum Warrior
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
The Saboteur
Acquired by Electronic Arts in 2008 and closed in 2009.
Pax Softnica Kanagawa Japan 1983
Pendulo Studios Madrid Spain 1993
Penguin Software Geneva USA 1978
Perfect World Beijing China 2004 Perfect World series Publisher/Developer
Persha Studia Kiev Ukraine 2000 World of Warplanes Developer, subsidiary of Wargaming
Petroglyph Las Vegas USA 2003 Grey Goo
Phantagram Seoul South Korea 1994
Phenomic Game Development Ingelheim am Rhein Germany 1997 SpellForce series
Lord of Ultima
Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances
Acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006
Piranha Bytes Ruhrgebiet Germany 1997 Gothic series (parts 1-3)
Risen series
Pi Studios Houston USA 2002
Pivotal Games Bath England 2000
Pixel Press St. Louis, Missouri United States 2013 Bloxels
Playdead Copenhagen Denmark 2006 Limbo
Project 2
Playdom San Francisco USA 2009 Mobsters, Sorority Life Facebook, Myspace game developer Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
Playfish London England 2007 Who Has The Biggest Brain? Facebook, Myspace game developer Subsidiary of Electronic Arts
Playlogic Entertainment Breda Netherlands 2002 Publisher, NV Playlogic Entertainment still active
PlayFirst San Francisco USA 2004 Casual game developer, publisher and portal
Playground Games Royal Leamington Spa England 2009 Forza Horizon series
Platinum Games Osaka Japan 2006 Bayonetta series
The Wonderful 101
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Polyphony Digital Tokyo Japan 1998 Gran Turismo series Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
PopCap Games Seattle USA 2000 Bejeweled series
Plants vs. Zombies series
Peggle series
Casual game developer, publisher and portal; subsidiary of Electronic Arts since 2011
Press Play Copenhagen Denmark 2006 Max & the Magic Marker
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Developer, subsidiary of Microsoft Studios
Punch Entertainment Palo Alto USA 2005 Reign of Swords
EGO City
Music Tycoon
Casual games, social games, developer and publisher
Pyro Studios Madrid Spain 1996 Commandos series


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Q Entertainment Tokyo Japan 2003
Q-Games Nakagyō-ku Japan 2001
QLOC Warsaw Poland 2009 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PC)
Street Fighter X Tekken
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition
Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition
Devil May Cry HD Collection
QA, localization and porting services provider
Quantic Dream Paris France 1997 Fahrenheit
Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Radical Entertainment Vancouver Canada 1991 Prototype series Shut down by Activision; exists as support team
Rage Software Liverpool England 1992
Rainbow Studios Phoenix USA 1996 MX vs. ATV series Acquired by THQ, later closed by THQ
Rare Twycross England 1985 Banjo-Kazooie series
GoldenEye 007
Perfect Dark series
Killer Instinct series
Raven Software Middleton USA 1990 Heretic
Call of Duty series
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
Acquired by Activision in 1997
Reality Pump Studios Kraków Poland 1995
Realtime Associates Los Angeles USA 1986
Realtime Worlds Dundee Scotland 2002 Crackdown
Rebellion Developments Oxford England 1992 Aliens vs. Predator series
Sniper Elite series
RedLynx Helsinki Finland 2000 Trials series Subsidiary of Ubisoft
Red Storm Entertainment Cary USA 1996 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Acquired by Ubisoft
Redtribe Melbourne Australia 2003
Reflections Interactive Newcastle upon Tyne England 1984 Driver series
Destruction Derby series
Acquired by Ubisoft
Reflexive Entertainment Lake Forest USA 1997 Developer and distributor
Relic Entertainment Vancouver Canada 1997 Company of Heroes series
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War series
Homeworld series
Subsidiary of Sega
Remedy Entertainment Espoo Finland 1995 Max Payne series
Alan Wake series
Respawn Entertainment Sherman Oaks USA 2010 Titanfall Developer
Reto-Moto Copenhagen Denmark 2008 Heroes & Generals Developer
Retro Studios Austin USA 1998 Metroid Prime Subsidiary of Nintendo
Revolution Software York England 1990 Broken Sword series
Beneath a Steel Sky
Riot Games Santa Monica USA 2006 League of Legends Subsidiary of Tencent
Rising Star Games Luton England 2004
Rockstar Games
Rockstar North
Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar Toronto
New York City
1998 Grand Theft Auto series
Manhunt series
Midnight Club series
Red Dead series
Publisher/Developer; owned by Take-Two Interactive
Rocksteady Studios London England 2005 Batman: Arkham series Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Robinson Technologies Hiroshima Japan Legend of the Red Dragon
Dink Smallwood
Rovio Entertainment Espoo Finland 2003 Angry Birds franchise Publisher, developer and distributor
Ruffian Games Dundee Scotland 2008 Crackdown 2
Runic Games Seattle USA 2008 Torchlight Subsidiary of Perfect World
Running With Scissors Tucson USA 1997 Postal series Developer
RRI Games Studios, Ltd. Battersea England 2012 Evil Aliens


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Sand Grain Studios Bucharest Romania 2002
SCS Software Prague Czech Republic 1997 18 Wheels of Steel series
Euro Truck Simulator series
Sega Ota,
San Francisco
1951 Sonic the Hedgehog series
Super Monkey Ball series
Virtua Fighter series
Yakuza series
Publisher,former console manufacturer
Serious Games Interactive Copenhagen Denmark 2005 Cargo Dynasty
Global Conflict: Palestine
Playing History
Serious game developer
SCE Studio Liverpool Liverpool England 1984 Wipeout series
Formula One series
Colony Wars series
Shut down by Sony on August 22, 2012
Shanda Shanghai China 1999 The World of Legend series
Silicon Knights St. Catharines Canada 1992 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Silicon Studio Tokyo Japan 2000
Sledgehammer Games Foster City USA 2009 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
co-developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Activision
Snail Games Suzhou China 2000 Voyage Century Online
SNK Playmore Osaka Japan 1978 Game hardware and software developer
Sobee Studios Istanbul Turkey 2000 Istanbul Kiyamet Vakti
I Can Football
Snowblind Studios Seattle USA 1997 Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; defunct in 2012
Software 2000 Eutin Germany 1987 Publisher
Sonic Team Tokyo Japan 1988 Sonic The Hedgehog series 1991 (Sonic Team)
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
San Diego,
God of War series
Ape Escape series
Publisher, console manufacturer
Sora Ltd. Tokyo Japan 2005 Kid Icarus: Uprising
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
Spectrum HoloByte Alameda USA 1983 Publisher
Spellbound Entertainment Offenburg Germany 1994
Spike Tokyo Japan 1991 Merged with Chunsoft to become Spike Chunsoft in 2012
Spike Chunsoft Tokyo Japan 2012 Danganronpa franchise The result of a merger between Spike and Chunsoft and is owned by Dwango
Splash Damage London England 2001 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Sproing Interactive Media Vienna Austria 2001 Independent developer of console and free-to-play games
Square Enix Tokyo Japan 2003 Final Fantasy series
Kingdom Hearts series
Dragon Quest series
Drakengard series
Publisher/Developer; previously known as Square Co. and Enix
Stainless Games Newport England 1993
Stainless Steel Studios Cambridge USA 1998
Starbreeze Studios Uppsala Sweden 1998 Enclave
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Stardock Plymouth USA 1991 Publisher/Developer
Star Vault Malmö Sweden 2007 Mortal Online Indie
Sting Entertainment Tokyo Japan 1989
Strawdog Studios Derby England 2003
Straylight Studios Dunedin New Zealand 2004
Streamline Studios Amsterdam Netherlands 2001
Streum On Studio Paris France 2007 E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy
Sucker Punch Productions Bellevue USA 1997 Rocket: Robot on Wheels
Sly Cooper series
Infamous series
Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
Sumo Digital Sheffield England 2003 Serious game developer acquired by Foundation 9 Entertainment
Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software Heusenstamm Germany 1993 Acquired by Ubisoft
Supercell Helsinki Finland 2010 Clash of Clans
Hay Day
Boom Beach
SuperVillain Studios Orange County USA 2004
Swingin' Ape Studios Aliso Viejo USA 2000 acquired by Blizzard Entertainment


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Tango Gameworks Tokyo Japan 2010 The Evil Within Founded by Shinji Mikami. Acquired by ZeniMax Media Inc in October 2010.
Tag Games Dundee Scotland 2006
Take-Two Interactive New York City USA 1993 Publisher, developer and distributor
TaleWorlds Ankara Turkey 2005
Tamsoft Asakusa Japan 1992
Tantrumedia Wirral England 2003
Tantalus Media Melbourne Australia 1994
Tate Interactive Poland 2002 The company ran under the title X-Ray Interactive from 2000
until 2002 and they were established as Tate
Interactive in 2003.
Team17 Ossett England 1990 Alien Breed series
Worms series
Team Bondi Sydney Australia 2003 L.A. Noire Developer
Techland Wrocław Poland 1991 Chrome series
Call Of Juarez series
Dead Island series
Dying Light
Telltale Games San Rafael USA 2004 Sam & Max episodic series
The Walking Dead series
The Wolf Among Us
Minecraft: Story Mode
Tencent Shenzhen China 1998 Developer, publisher, online services company
Tequila Works Madrid Spain 2009 Deadlight
Terminal Reality Lewisville USA 1994
Teyon Kraków Poland 2006
The9 Shanghai China 1999
The Chinese Room Brighton England 2007 Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
The Workshop Entertainment, Inc. Marina Del Rey USA 2008 Sorcery
The Evil Within
Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
THQ Agoura Hills USA 1989 Publisher/Developer; defunct in 2013
Three Rings Design San Francisco USA 2001
TimeGate Studios Sugar Land USA 1998
TopWare Interactive Karlsruhe Germany 1995 Publischer
Torpex Games Bellevue USA 2005
Torus Games Bayswater Australia 1994 Scooby-Doo! First Frights
Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing
Monster Jam
Tose Kyoto Japan 1979
Toys for Bob Novato USA 1989 Skylanders series Subsidiary of Activision
Trapdoor Montreal Canada 2010
Transmission Games Melbourne Australia 1996 Heroes of the Pacific
Heroes Over Europe
Closed in 2009
Traveller's Tales Knutsford England 1990 Lego series Subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive
Treyarch Santa Monica USA 1996 Call of Duty series Acquired by Activision
Tri-Ace Tokyo Japan 1995
Tripwire Interactive Roswell USA 2005 Killing Floor
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
Triumph Studios Delft Netherlands 1997 Age of Wonders series
Turn 10 Studios Redmond USA 2001 Forza Motorsport series Subsidiary of Microsoft Studios
Turtle Rock Studios Lake Forest USA 2002 Left 4 Dead series
Two Tribes Amersfoort Netherlands 2000 Toki Tori
Tygron Delft Netherlands 2005 Serious game developer
Typhoon Games Hong Kong SAR China 2001


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Ubisoft Montreuil-sous-Bois France 1986 Rayman series
Assassin's Creed series
Just Dance series
Prince of Persia series
Far Cry series
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series
Ultimate Play the Game Ashby-de-la-Zouch England 1982 Defunct in 1988
Unique Development Studios Norrköping and Gothenburg Sweden 1993
United Front Games Vancouver Canada 2006 ModNation Racers
Sleeping Dogs
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Universomo Tampere Finland 2002 Defunct in 2010


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Valve Corporation Bellevue USA 1996 Half-Life series
Portal series
Left 4 Dead series
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2
Counter-Strike series
Vanillaware Chuo-ku Japan 2002
Venan Entertainment Cromwell USA 2002
Vicarious Visions Albany USA 1990 Guitar Hero series
Tony Hawk series
Acquired by Activision in 2004.
Vigil Games Austin USA 2005 Darksiders series Subsidiary of THQ; defunct in 2013
Virtual Adventures Inc. Quebec Canada 1994 Star Quest 1 in the 27th century
Stellar Mercenaries
Virtual Heroes, Inc. Raleigh USA 2004 Moonbase Alpha
Visceral Games Redwood City USA 1998 Dead Space series Subsidiary of Electronic Arts
Visual Concepts California USA 1988 NFL 2K
NBA 2K series
MLB 2K series
Subsidiary of 2K Sports
Vivendi Games Los Angeles USA 1993
Viwawa Singapore Singapore 2007
Volition, Inc. Champaign USA 1996 Saints Row series
Red Faction series
Subsidiary of Deep Silver
Vostok Games Kiev Ukraine 2012 Survarium Vostok Games was founded in March 2012 by former employees of GSC Game World, following that firm's closing
VoxelStorm Manchester United Kingdom 2012 GolfXTRM


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Wahoo Studios Orem USA 2001
Wanako Games Santiago de Chile Chile 2002 Subsidiary of Behaviour Interactive
Warhorse Studios Prague Czech Republic 2011 Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Wargaming Nicosia
1998 World of Tanks Publisher/Developer
Wargaming Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Russia 1991 World of Warships Developer, subsidiary of Wargaming
WB Games Chicago USA 1988 Batman: Arkham series
Lego series
F.E.A.R. series
Mortal Kombat series
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
WayForward Technologies Valencia USA 1990 Shantae series
Webfoot Technologies Chicago USA 1993 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku
You Don't Know Jack! series
Hello Kitty: Happy Party Pals
Deadly Rooms of Death
Creators of many Dragon Ball Z games for Atari; specializes in Nintendo platforms
Wideload Games Chicago USA 2003 Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios
Wildfire Studios Brisbane Australia 1995
Wolfire Games Berkeley USA 2003
World Forge Voronezh Russia 2004


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
XPEC Entertainment Taipei Taiwan 2000 Bounty Hounds Publisher/Developer


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
Yager Development Berlin Germany 1999 Spec Ops: The Line
Yuke's Osaka Japan 1993 WWE SmackDown! vs Raw


Company City Country Est. Notable games Notes
ZeniMax Online Studios Hunt Valley USA 2007 The Elder Scrolls Online Subsidiary of ZeniMax Media Inc
Zipper Interactive Redmond USA 1995 Shut down in 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment
Zombie Studios Seattle USA 1994 Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way
Blacklight: Retribution
ZootFly Ljubljana Slovenia 2002
Zylom Eindhoven Netherlands 2001 Casual game developer, game publisher Subsidiary of RealNetworks
Zynga San Francisco USA 2007 FarmVille Social network game developer.
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