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Abbot of Ripon
Died c. 785
Major shrine Ripon and Peterborough
Feast unknown

Botwine (died 785 or 786) was a Northumbrian saint venerated at Ripon and Peterborough. He is well documented as a priest,[1] and latter Abbot of Ripon.[2][3][4][5] The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle recension E, recorded his death in the 780s (probably for 786) in one of three Ripon abbatial obits derived from a chronicle of Northumbrian origin.[6] Following the death of St Botwine in 786AD, his replacement, Ealdberht was elected and consecrated Abbot. Ealdberht died in 788AD,[7] and was himself succeeded as Abbot by St. Sigered of Ripon.[8][9]

The late 10th- and early 11th-century writer Byrhtferth of Ramsey in his Vita sancti Oswaldi claimed that Oswald of Worcester, Archbishop of York, discovered Botwine's relics at the monastery of Ripon. Oswald made a magnificent reliquary in which he placed the relics of Botwine with Wilfrid, Tiatberht, Alberht, Sigered and Vilden.[10] This account is described by historian Michael Lapidge as "problematical" on other points.[11] as it is known that in the 12th-century Peterborough Abbey also possessed some relics of Botwine.[12]


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