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Peerages and baronetcies of Britain and Ireland
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This is a list of present and extant earls in the Peerages of the England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Note that it does not include extant earldoms which have become merged (either through marriage or elevation) with marquessates or dukedoms and are today only seen as subsidiary titles. For a more complete list, which adds these "hidden" earldoms as well as extinct, dormant, abeyant, and forfeit ones, see List of earldoms.

Order of precedence

Heraldic representation of the Coronet of a British Earl

The general order of precedence among earls is:

  1. Earls in the Peerage of England
  2. Earls in the Peerage of Scotland
  3. Earls in the Peerage of Great Britain
  4. Earls in the Peerage of Ireland created before 1801
  5. Earls in the Peerage of the United Kingdom and Earls in the Peerage of Ireland created after 1801

Earls in the Peerage of England

  1. The Earl of Shrewsbury (1442), Earl Talbot (GB 1784) and Earl of Waterford (Ire 1446) Arms of Talbot.svg
  2. The Earl of Derby (1485) StanleyArms.PNG
  3. The Earl of Huntingdon (1529) Blason fam uk Hastings (selon Gelre).svg
  4. The Earl of Pembroke (1551) and Montgomery (1605) CoA Arms of the Earl of Pembroke (creation of 1551).svg
  5. The Earl of Devon (1553)
  6. The Earl of Lincoln (1572) ClintonArmorials.jpg
    • Robert Fiennes-Clinton, 19th Earl of Lincoln
  7. The Earl of Suffolk (1603) and Berkshire (1626) Earl of Suffolk COA.svg
  8. The Earl of Denbigh (1622) and Desmond (Ire 1628) Earl of Denbigh and Desmond.svg
  9. The Earl of Westmorland (1624) Fane EarlOfWestmorland Arms.png
  10. The Earl of Lindsey (1626) and Abingdon (1682) Earl of Lindsey COA.svg
  11. The Earl of Winchilsea (1628) and Nottingham (1681) Earl of Winchilsea Nottingham COA.svg
  12. The Earl of Sandwich (1660) Earl of Sandwich COA.svg
  13. The Earl of Essex (1661) Earl of Essex COA.svg
  14. The Earl of Carlisle (1661) Earl of Carlisle COA.svg
  15. The Earl of Shaftesbury (1672) Earl of Shaftesbury.svg
  16. The Earl of Portland (1689) Aldenburg-Bentinck.PNG
  17. The Earl of Scarbrough (1690) Earl of Scarbrough COA.svg
  18. The Earl of Albemarle (1697) Arms of the Earl of Albemarle.svg
  19. The Earl of Coventry (1697) Earl of Coventry COA.svg
    • George Coventry, 13th Earl of Coventry
  20. The Earl of Jersey (1697) Earl of Jersey COA.svg

As can be seen from the list above, the men who are (1) Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, (2) Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, (3) Earl of Lindsey and Abingdon and (4) Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham each hold two earldoms in the peerage of England. There are therefore 24 such earldoms whose holder does not hold a higher peerage.

Earls in the Peerage of Scotland

Note: The precedence of the older Scottish earldoms is determined by the Decreet of Ranking of 1606, and not by seniority.

  1. The Earl of Crawford (1398) and Balcarres (1651) Earl of Crawford COA.svg
  2. The Earl of Erroll (1453) Earl of Erroll arms.svg
  3. The Countess of Sutherland (1230 or 1275 or 1347) Countess of Sutherland arms.svg
  4. The Countess of Mar (1114 or 1457) Blason Comtes de Mar.svg
  5. The Earl of Rothes (1458) LeslieEarlOfRothes.png
    • James Leslie, 22nd Earl of Rothes
  6. The Earl of Morton (1458) Earl of Morton COA.svg
  7. The Earl of Buchan (1469) Earl of Buchan(Erskine) COA.svg
    • Malcolm Erskine, 17th Earl of Buchan
  8. The Earl of Eglinton (1508) and Winton (UK 1859) Earl of Eglinton and Winton arms.svg
  9. The Earl of Caithness (1455) Earl of Caithness arms.svg
  10. The Earl of Mar and Kellie (1404 or 1565) Earl of Mar and Kellie COA.svg
  11. The Earl of Moray (1562) Moray Coat of Arms.svg
    • John Stuart, 21st Earl of Moray
  12. The Earl of Home (1605) Earl of Home COA.svg
  13. The Earl of Perth (1605) Earl of Perth arms.svg
    • John Drummond, 9th Earl of Perth
  14. The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1606) Bowes-Lyon Arms.svg
  15. The Earl of Haddington (1619) Earl of Haddington.svg
    • John Baillie-Hamilton, 13th Earl of Haddington
  16. The Earl of Galloway (1623) Stewart E Galloway.png
    • Randolph Stewart, 13th Earl of Galloway
  17. The Earl of Lauderdale (1624) Earl of Lauderdale arms.svg
    • Ian Maitland, 18th Earl of Lauderdale
  18. The Earl of Lindsay (1633) Earl of Lindsay COA.svg
  19. The Earl of Loudoun (1633) Earl of Loundoun (Abney-Hastings) COA.svg
  20. The Earl of Kinnoull (1633) Hay-Drummond coat of arms.svg
  21. The Earl of Elgin (1633) and Kincardine (1643) 25px
  22. The Earl of Wemyss (1633) and March (1697) Earl of Wemyss and March COA.svg
  23. The Earl of Dalhousie (1633)[1] Earl of Dalhousie arms.svg
  24. The Earl of Airlie (1639) Arms of the Earl of Airlie.svg
  25. The Earl of Leven (1641) and Melville (1690) Earl of Leven COA.svg
    • Alexander Ian Leslie-Melville, 15th Earl of Leven
  26. The Earl of Dysart (1643) Earl of Dysart COA.svg
  27. The Earl of Selkirk (1646) Earl of Selkirk COA.svg
  28. The Earl of Northesk (1647) Earl of Northesk COA.svg
  29. The Earl of Dundee (1660) Scrymgeour CoA.png
  30. The Earl of Newburgh (1660)
    • Filippo, Prince Rospigliosi, 12th Earl of Newburgh
  31. The Earl of Annandale and Hartfell (1662) Arms of the Earl of Annandale and Hartfell.svg
    • Patrick Hope-Johnstone, 11th Earl of Annandale and Hartfell
  32. The Earl of Dundonald (1669) Dundonald new.svg
    • Iain Cochrane, 15th Earl of Dundonald
  33. The Earl of Kintore (1677)
    • James Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore Earl of Kintore COA.svg
  34. The Earl of Dunmore (1686)
  35. The Earl of Orkney (1696) Earl of Orkney COA.svg
    • Oliver St John, 9th Earl of Orkney
  36. The Earl of Seafield (1701) Earl of Seafield arms.svg
    • Ian Ogilvie-Grant, 13th Earl of Seafield
  37. The Earl of Stair (1703) Earl of Stair COA.svg
  38. The Earl of Rosebery (1703) and Midlothian (UK 1911)
  39. The Earl of Glasgow (1703) Earl of glasgow.svg

Earls in the Peerage of Great Britain

  1. The Earl Ferrers (1711) Earl Ferrers COA.svg
  2. The Earl of Dartmouth (1711) Earl of Dartmouth COA.svg
  3. The Earl of Tankerville (1714) Earl of Tankerville COA.svg
    • Peter Bennet, 10th Earl of Tankerville
  4. The Earl of Aylesford (1714) Earl of Aylesford COA.svg
    • Charles Finch-Knightley, 12th Earl of Aylesford
  5. The Earl of Macclesfield (1721) Parker (EarlOfMacclesfield) Arms.PNG
    • Richard Parker, 9th Earl of Macclesfield
  6. The Earl Waldegrave (1729) Earl Waldegrave COA.svg
  7. The Earl of Harrington (1742) Earl of Harrington COA.svg
  8. The Earl of Portsmouth (1743) Earl of Portsmouth COA.svg
  9. The Earl of Warwick (1759) and Brooke (1746) Earl of Warwick(Greville) COA.svg
    • Guy Greville, 9th Earl of Warwick
  10. The Earl of Buckinghamshire (1746) Coat of Arms of the Earl of Buckinghamshire.svg
    • George Hobart-Hampden, 10th Earl of Buckinghamshire
  11. The Earl of Guilford (1752) Earl of Guilford COA.svg
    • Piers North, 10th Earl of Guilford
  12. The Earl of Hardwicke (1754) Earl of Hardwicke COA.svg
  13. The Earl of Ilchester (1756) Earl of Ilchester COA.svg
    • Robin Fox-Strangways, 10th Earl of Ilchester
  14. The Earl De La Warr (1761) Arms of Baron Sackville.svg
  15. The Earl of Radnor (1765) Earl of Radnor COA.svg
  16. The Earl Spencer (1765) Spencer Arms.svg
  17. The Earl Bathurst (1772) Charles Bathurst Arms.svg
  18. The Earl of Clarendon (1776) Earl of Jersey COA.svg
  19. The Earl of Mansfield (1776) and Mansfield (1792) Earl of Mansfield COA.svg
    • Alexander Murray, 9th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield
  20. The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (1789) Earl of Mount Edgcumbe COA.svg
  21. The Earl Fortescue (1789) Earl of Fortescue COA.svg
    • Charles Fortescue, 8th Earl Fortescue
  22. The Earl of Carnarvon (1793) Arms of the Earl of Carnarvon.svg
  23. The Earl Cadogan (1800) Arms of Earl Cadogan.svg
  24. The Earl of Malmesbury (1800) Earl of Malmesbury COA.svg
    • James Harris, 7th Earl of Malmesbury

Earls in the Peerage of Ireland

Earls of Ireland created after 1801 yield precedence to older Earldoms of the United Kingdom

  1. The Earl of Cork (1620) and Orrery (1660) Earl of Cork COA.svg
    • John Boyle, 15th Earl of Cork
  2. The Earl of Westmeath (1621) Earl of Westmeath COA.svg
  3. The Earl of Meath (1627) Earl of Meath COA.svg
    • John Brabazon, 15th Earl of Meath
  4. The Earl of Cavan (1647) Earl of Cavan COA.svg
  5. The Earl of Drogheda (1661) Earl of Drogheda COA.svg
  6. The Earl of Granard (1684) Lord Forbes arms.svg
    • Peter Forbes, 10th Earl of Granard
  7. The Earl of Darnley (1725) Earl of Darnley COA.svg
    • Adam Bligh, 11th Earl of Darnley
  8. The Earl of Bessborough (1739) Arms of the Earl of Bessborough.svg
  9. The Earl of Carrick (1748) Earl of Carrick COA.svg
    • David Butler, 10th Earl of Carrick
  10. The Earl of Shannon (1756) Earl of Shannon COA.svg
    • Richard Boyle, 10th Earl of Shannon
  11. The Earl of Arran (1762) Earl of Arran(Gore) COA.svg
  12. The Earl of Courtown (1762) Earl of Courtown COA.svg
  13. The Earl of Mexborough (1766) Earl of Mexborough COA.svg
    • John Savile, 8th Earl of Mexborough
  14. The Earl Winterton (1766) Earl of Winterton COA.svg
    • David Turnour, 8th Earl Winterton
  15. The Earl of Kingston (1768) Earl of Kingston COA.svg
    • Robert King-Tenison, 12th Earl of Kingston
  16. The Earl of Roden (1771) Earl of Roden COA.svg
    • Robert Jocelyn, 10th Earl of Roden
  17. The Earl of Lisburne (1776) Earl of Lisburne COA.svg
    • David Vaughan, 9th Earl of Lisburne
  18. The Earl of Clanwilliam (1776) Earl of Clanwilliam COA.svg
  19. The Earl of Antrim (1785) Earl of Antrim.svg
  20. The Earl of Longford (1785) Earl of Longford COA.svg
  21. The Earl of Portarlington (1785) Earl of Portarlington COA.svg
    • George Dawson-Damer, 7th Earl of Portarlington
  22. The Earl of Mayo (1785) Earl of Mayo COA.svg
    • Charles Bourke, 11th Earl of Mayo
  23. The Earl Annesley (1789) Arms of Earl Annesley.svg
    • Michael Annesley, 12th Earl Annesley
  24. The Earl of Enniskillen (1789) Earl of Enniskillen COA.svg
    • Andrew Cole, 7th Earl of Enniskillen
  25. The Earl Erne (1789) Earl Erne COA.svg
    • John Crichton, 7th Earl Erne
  26. The Earl of Lucan (1795) Earl of Lucan COA.svg
  27. The Earl Belmore (1797) Earl of Belmore COA.svg
  28. The Earl Castle Stewart (1800) Earl of Castle Stewart COA.svg
    • Arthur Stuart, 8th Earl Castle Stewart
  29. The Earl of Donoughmore (1800) Earl of Donoughmore COA.svg
  30. The Earl of Caledon (1800) Earl of Caledon COA.svg
  31. The Earl of Limerick (1803) Earl of Limerick COA.svg
  32. The Earl of Clancarty (1803) Earl of Clancarty COA.svg
  33. The Earl of Gosford (1806) Earl of Gosford COA.svg
    • Charles Acheson, 7th Earl of Gosford
  34. The Earl of Rosse (1806) Earl of Rosse COA.svg
  35. The Earl of Normanton (1806) Earl of Normanton COA.svg
    • Shaun Agar, 6th Earl of Normanton
  36. The Earl of Kilmorey (1822) Earl of Kilmorey COA.svg
  37. The Earl of Listowel (1822) Earl of Listowel COA.svg
  38. The Earl of Norbury (1827) Earl of Norbury COA.svg
    • Richard Graham-Toler, 7th Earl of Norbury
  39. The Earl of Ranfurly (1831)

Earls in the Peerage of the United Kingdom

Precedence of Irish Earldoms shown in italics.
  1. The Earl of Rosslyn (1801) Earl of Rosslyn COA.svg
  2. The Earl of Craven (1801) Earl of Craven COA.svg
    • Benjamin Craven, 9th Earl of Craven
  3. The Earl of Onslow (1801) Earl of Onslow COA.svg
  4. The Earl of Romney (1801) Earl of Romney COA.svg
    • Julian Marsham, 8th Earl of Romney
  5. The Earl of Chichester (1801) Earl of Chichester COA.svg
    • John Pelham, 9th Earl of Chichester
  6. The Earl of Wilton (1801) Earl of Wilton COA.svg
    • Francis Grosvenor, 8th Earl of Wilton
    The Earl of Limerick (Ireland)
    The Earl of Clancarty (Ireland)
  7. The Earl of Powis (1804) Earl of Powis COA.svg
  8. The Earl Nelson (1805) Earl of Nelson (sans augmentation) COA.svg
    • Simon Nelson, 10th Earl Nelson
    The Earl of Gosford (Ireland)
    The Earl of Rosse (Ireland)
    The Earl of Normanton (Ireland)
  9. The Earl Grey (1806) Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey CoA.png
  10. The Earl of Lonsdale (1807) Earl of Lonsdale COA.svg
  11. The Earl of Harrowby (1809) Earl of Harrowby COA.svg
  12. The Earl of Harewood (1812) Earl of Harewood COA.svg
  13. The Earl of Minto (1813) Earl of Minto COA.svg
  14. The Earl Cathcart (1814) Earl of Cathcart COA.svg
  15. The Earl of Verulam (1815) Earl of Verulam COA.svg
  16. The Earl of Saint Germans (1815) Earl of St German COA.svg
  17. The Earl of Morley (1815) ParkerArms.jpg
    • Mark Parker, 7th Earl of Morley
  18. The Earl of Bradford (1815) Earl of Bradford COA.svg
  19. The Earl of Eldon (1821) Earl of Eldon COA.svg
    • John Scott, 5th Earl of Eldon
  20. The Earl Howe (1821) Earl of Howe COA.svg
  21. The Earl of Stradbroke (1821) Earl of Stradbroke COA.svg
    • Keith Rous, 6th Earl of Stradbroke
  22. The Earl Temple of Stowe (1822) Earl Temple of Stowe COA.svg
    • Grenville Temple-Gore-Langton, 8th Earl Temple of Stowe
    The Earl of Kilmorey (Ireland)
    The Earl of Listowel (Ireland)
    The Earl of Norbury (Ireland)
  23. The Earl Cawdor (1827) Earl of Cawdor COA.svg
    The Earl of Ranfurly (Ireland)
  24. The Earl of Lichfield (1831) Earl of Lichfield COA.svg
    • Thomas Anson, 6th Earl of Lichfield
  25. The Earl of Durham (1833) Earl of Durham COA.svg
  26. The Earl Granville (1833) LevesonGowerEarlGranvilleArms.png
    • Fergus Leveson-Gower, 6th Earl Granville
  27. The Earl of Effingham (1837) Thomas Howard Arms.svg
    • David Howard, 7th Earl of Effingham
  28. The Earl of Ducie (1837) Earl of Ducie COA.svg
    • David Moreton, 7th Earl of Ducie
  29. The Earl of Yarborough (1837) Earl of Yarborough COA.svg
  30. The Earl of Leicester (1837) CokeEarlOfLeicesterArms.PNG
  31. The Earl of Lovelace (1838) Earl of Lovelace COA.svg
  32. The Earl of Gainsborough (1841) Earl of Gainsborough COA.svg
    • Anthony Noel, 6th Earl of Gainsborough
  33. The Earl of Strafford (1847) Earl of Strafford COA.svg
    • Thomas Byng, 8th Earl of Strafford
  34. The Earl of Cottenham (1850) Earl of Cottenham COA.svg
    • Mark Pepys, 9th Earl of Cottenham
  35. The Earl Cowley (1857) Earl of Cowley COA.svg
    • Garret Wellesley, 7th Earl Cowley
  36. The Earl of Dudley (1860) Earl of Dudley COA.svg
  37. The Earl Russell (1861) Coat of Arms of the Earl of Russell.svg
  38. The Earl of Cromartie (1861) Earl of Cromartie COA.svg
    • John Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Cromartie
  39. The Earl of Kimberley (1866) Earl of Kimberly COA.svg
  40. The Earl of Wharncliffe (1876) Earl of Wharncliffe COA.svg
    • Richard Montagu-Stuart-Wortley, 5th Earl of Wharncliffe
  41. The Earl Cairns (1878) Earl of Cairns COA.svg
  42. The Earl of Lytton (1880) COA of Bulwer-Lytton.svg
  43. The Earl of Selborne (1882) Earl of Selborne COA.svg
  44. The Earl of Iddesleigh (1885) Earl of Iddesleigh COA.svg
    • John Northcote, 5th Earl of Iddesleigh
  45. The Earl of Cranbrook (1892) Earl of Cranbrook COA.svg
    • Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of Cranbrook
  46. The Earl of Cromer (1901) Earl of Cromer COA.svg
    • Evelyn Baring, 4th Earl of Cromer
  47. The Earl of Plymouth (1905) Earl of Plymouth COA.svg
    • Other Windsor-Clive, 3rd Earl of Plymouth
  48. The Earl of Liverpool (1905) Foljambe E of Liverpool.svg
  49. The Earl Saint Aldwyn (1915) Earl of Saint Aldwyn COA.svg
    • Michael Hicks Beach, 3rd Earl Saint Aldwyn
  50. The Earl Beatty (1919) Earl of Beatty COA.svg
    • David Beatty, 3rd Earl Beatty
  51. The Earl Haig (1919) Earl of Haig arms.svg
    • Alexander Haig, 3rd Earl Haig
  52. The Earl of Iveagh (1919) Earl of Iveagh COA.svg
  53. The Earl of Balfour (1922) Earl of Balfour COA.svg
    • Roderick Balfour, 5th Earl of Balfour
  54. The Earl of Oxford and Asquith (1925) Earl of Oxford and Asquith COA.svg
  55. The Earl Jellicoe (1925) John Jellicoe Arms.svg
    • Patrick Jellicoe, 3rd Earl Jellicoe
  56. The Earl of Inchcape (1929) Earl of Inchcape COA.svg
  57. The Earl Peel (1929)[2] Earl Peel COA.svg
  58. The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (1937) Earl of Baldwin of Bewdley.svg
  59. The Earl of Halifax (1944) The Earl of Halifax CoA.png
  60. The Earl of Gowrie (1945) Earl of Gowrie COA.svg
  61. The Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor (1945) Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor arms.svg
    • David Lloyd George, 4th Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor
  62. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1947) Arms of Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma.svg
  63. The Earl Alexander of Tunis (1952) Arms of Earl Alexander of Tunis.svg
  64. The Earl of Swinton (1955) Earl of Swineton COA.svg
  65. The Earl Attlee (1955) Earl Attlee COA.svg
  66. The Earl of Woolton (1956) Earl of Woolton COA.svg
  67. The Earl of Snowdon (1961) Earl of Snowdon Arms.svg
  68. The Earl of Stockton (1984) Earl of Stockton COA.svg
  69. The Earl of Wessex (1999)[3] Arms of Edward, Earl of Wessex.svg

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  1. As the current Lord Steward of the Household, The Earl of Dalhousie ranks higher in precedence than he would by virtue of the seniority of his Earldom alone.
  2. As the current Lord Chamberlain of the Household, The Earl Peel ranks higher in precedence than he would by virtue of the seniority of his Earldom alone.
  3. As a younger son of the British Sovereign, HRH The Earl of Wessex ranks higher in precedence than he would by virtue of the seniority of his Earldom alone.