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This is a non-encyclopedic wiki-project and ongoing work in progress. Feel free to help improve it.
Trutherism 101 wiki-based open-project work-in-progress to-do list

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Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy, François Lemoyne, 1737.
Image from the "Learn English with Matt" channel on YouTube, the 2014-11-28 "Truther meaning and pronunciation" video
A caricature of James Corbett by a huge fan, none other than User:JasonCarswell.
A caricature of Lionel by a huge fan, none other than User:JasonCarswell.

Trutherism 101 is an open source anti-propaganda animated series development and production management project, and this is the project summary page, a work-in-progress (W.I.P.).

Please do not edit this page. Feel free to comment, criticize, and discuss on the Talk:Trutherism 101 page or my User_talk:JasonCarswell page.

Why is this project on

This is a living example of what the InfoGalactic wiki and encyclopedia can offer that Wikipedia and others can't or won't. Without mass revolt and a revolution the censorship on Wikipedia, Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. will continue to only get worse. InfoGalactic can be a censorship-free haven and alternative to other social media sites. Obviously it's not like Facebook but it's not like Wikipedia either and to compete InfoGalactic needs to offer something more, and not just freedom from rigged rules that censor. InfoGalactic needs participants and community - and this may be one way. Not everyone will have a project like this. Perhaps people will keep, share and collaborate on journals, screenplays, novels, etc. and there may be no end to how they might utilize their personal space in the User pages.

Additionally, the more that people are active on InfoGalactic projects, the more they'll contribute to the free speech encyclopedia. As my project progresses the more anchored I'll be. Of necessity I will have other sites for various purposes. I will be publishing updates and articles for cryptocoins on Steemit and others that similarly emerge. I'll likely post the videos on YouTube, Vimeo, BitChute, etc. I'm doing the best I can with what I have and what I know of, so - if you have alternative resource suggestions, production ideas, or anything else helpful I'm keen to hear about it.

All help and constructive criticisms are very welcome and I look forward to discussions about any of these ideas on my interactive project user sub-pages, discussion pages, and on my own user discussion page.

Do not disturb this project unless you are participating and contributing. If you have an issue with it, then by all means, let us discuss it on the Talk:Trutherism 101 page or my User_talk:JasonCarswell page.

Trutherism 101: Outline

TO DO: Trutherism 101, the project outline paragraph(s).

As a professional animator with almost 30 years experience, I'd like to utilize the InfoGalactic wiki to organize the management and production development of a new animated series. I intend to develop my main project outline, character designs, layouts, scripts, and storyboards, eventually linking to animated revisions and final videos as well as a promotional campaign hosted on other sites (ie. Steemit, D-Tube, BitChute, Gab, Patreon, Voat, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). I intend to copyleft and/or opensource all of my work and by example hopefully attract a production team and/or development community. This is my dream and I'm going for it.

Others may do what they will with my copyleft and/or opensource work, as long as they abide by the copyleft and/or opensource stipulations (yet to be laid out in detail).

What the others may not do is use my name, the name of my production company and part of the title of this show, (undisclosed because I want to eventually licence and get the dot coms, etc.) , and the show title that I can disclose is tentatively called...

"Trutherism 101: Introductory Conspiracies For Dummies"
"Trutherism 101: Well-Justified Distrust Of "Authority" In All Things"

The goal is to retain and build a strong brand with my stamp of approval on my work and other work I endorse.

To perhaps the most relevant point:

I intend to thank/promote InfoGalactic and other utilities in the credits of every video. We can even draft a line about how the views and opinions within do not reflect the blah blah blah of Infogalactic etc. Free-ish advertising in exchange for a valuable service. This may attract some people to InfoGalactic. They may embrace "Trutherism" and all that it may entail or they may be critics or even trolls or even spark active efforts towards censorship. It may be a trickle of curious folks, a nonexistent attendance, or an unlikely phenomenon. They may join the encyclopedia community, or only my thing, or start their own projects by my example. Whatever the reaction may be, the content will not be a surprise because it will be openly developed here, starting with the outline, script, hyperlinks, sources, some images, links to videos, etc. There will be no surprises for anyone interested in following the slow progress. I'll also be semi-developing and promoting this project on a few other platforms such as Steemit, BitChute, members comment section, and other websites that may catch eyes, ideas, and/or support. (Years ago I set up my own abandoned and unused mediawiki here at home but don't have the bandwidth, IT skills, or website administrator savvy to confidently publish a website for my project.)

I can only take responsibility for my own efforts but I intend to clearly outline my intentions and project management wishes. In particular and for example, I do not want to overlap with encyclopedia material at all. When I edit IG articles, it will still be as a IG editor/contributor. I will likely link to articles for reference, context, etc. but I will start development under my userpages. Eventually, after I've produced and published the first "pilot" batch of videos (this could be a year or few away) and actually wish to invite public interactivity, I would like to move the development to a mainspace article "set". For example, "Trutherism 101" may be the lead article with various related articles like "Trutherism 101 development", "Trutherism 101 characters", "Trutherism 101 season 1 episodes", etc. and possibly "Trutherism 101 submissions", "Trutherism 101 chat", etc.

In addition to this virtual-space-based project and community I hope to start a meat-space animation production worker coop here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada because it's easier to work in a studio than to herd cats online. Unless I create some profound magic, and I intend to, this project may only ever just be me doing my own little thing. My highest priority is directing this animation, not team management, office management, cat herding, nor other production worries. I expect that if this manages to be successful some inspired and motivated fans and/or resources will facilitate better management than I can ever provide, and all the hickups, headaches, and hurdles will come and go to be ironed out as they develop. I can't say if this may become a burden. I can say that I intend this wiki-project development to feature forums for discussion and anticipation and resolution of all issues, production related, political, or whatever. If this project becomes a financial burden somehow, then I expect that some fundraising and details can be worked out. Further details will emerge organically. One step at a time.

In addition to potentially drawing in community, this project is not encyclopedic, but it is tangentially related. I'm trying to lay out all of the good, bad, and the ugly about Truthers, their ideas, culture, etc. in the sloppy complex draft of the admittedly biased article I've been working on. I have a Trutherism 101 outline/thesis for a documentary/mocumentary which will be the skeletal map upon which most of the Trutherism 101 episodes should fit. Eventually with enough meat on the bones, with some editing and patching, a mocu/docu may come of this, by my efforts or someone else's. Failing that we'll just have a bunch of fun episodes. Guides and details about episode content development yet to be laid out, but at present every episode must be:

  1. short like a meme, comic strip, advertisement, or music video at maximum
  2. economic in dialogue, animation, and direction for maximum effect
  3. funny, satirical, parody, absurdity, or mockery
  4. educational, profound, thought provoking, and/or irreverent
  5. aesthetically beautiful
  6. unattached to any doctrine, dogma, tribe, or group (but willing to point out pros and cons)
  7. ideally working on multiple levels/layers
  8. ideally falling on the Trutherism 101 outline
  9. ideally not insulting or offensive to anyone, yet unafraid to attack their ideas, and all ideas

Failing any of these criteria demands reconsideration.

A whole marketing strategy must be developed for viral promotion, merchandising, and crowdsourced support, etc. to be in place before the pilot series launch.

My project will be entirely original, as will the scripts, jokes, design, etc. Naturally I intend to reference other sources for inspiration, as all productions do until they're fully developed, but that's not infringement. Parody is also generally not considered intellectual infringement, though some may debate whether sampling and/or mashups are.

The concepts and "theories" will NOT be original. I will not be doing original truther research, theories, exposés, uncovering scandals, etc. or touching on ideas that aren't already out there, if not abundantly so. I hope to support, promote, and help popularize the reasonable theories and educate about the flaws in the unreasonable manipulative propaganda we're all fed - ideally with strong supportive references for folks to follow up with and verify themselves.


I'd been skeptical of authority and a 9/11 truth seeker from day one but I didn't fully grasp the entirety of the full spectrum dominance of the corrupt corporatocracy until early 2015 it all came into focus while seeking solutions for my other "important" project. Overwhelmed I needed to reorganize and concisely share these new truths as they could not all fit in the other narrative, thus the bittersweet seeds of my "truther documentary" were born. After much consideration it seemed that comedy is the honey to make hard to swallow ugly truths more palatable and persuasive, so it's become a mockumentary.

Before it was known as "Trutherism 101", it was briefly called "OSAPAP", the ill-named Open Source Anti Propaganda Animation Project. On the rarely used @jasoncarswell Steemit blog the plan was to successfully develop ideas there but it was given up after three poorly received articles that took too much time and energy better served on this project directly. A new plan was developed to simply start the project, provide examples and a roadmap, and hope others will join in as they see fit.

The "Other Wiki Projects On Infogalactic" is the first pitch to Galaxians (InfoGalactic users) in the Galactic boardroom on 2018-03-12.

Trutherism 101: Early Planning Outline

  Trutherism 101: Early Planning Outline  

The following planning outline ideas were mostly drafted up to April 2018. I knew they weren't right then, but at least it was laid out in a way. I'm tightening it and keeping it as reference but will get more detailed a little later, in part because I need to consider the interactive forum aspect since teaming with SaidIt on the project feeds: /s/Trutherism101, /s/BittersweetSeeds, /s/GlossedAndProfound, and /s/GlossedOver.


Eventually the final videos will be presented on the Trutherism 101: Goals

Success or failure, significant or not, this project may be the only "important" thing I ever do with my life. This series is Part 1a and the mocu-documentary is Part 1b. Part 2 is a whole other project - a fictional screenplay/storyboard/graphic novel which should be easier (after writing is finished) relying on the mocu-docu to provide background contextual understanding to support the story. Part 3 would be actual production of the feature film from Part 2.


TO DO: This is a clarification of copyrights statement because this project, while in the InfoGalactic wiki, is not part of the InfoGalactic encyclopedia project.


Eventually a production team may form and wish to communicate on a Trutherism 101: Forum page to plan aspects of development, discuss, talk, chat, etc.


Eventually the the conceptual development and the project development, management, and production logs and milestones will be documented and may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Development page.


Eventually a fundamental narrative arc and outline may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Narrative page. This narrative will also include purposes, intentions, goals, themes, memes, meanings, arcs, layers, subtexts, throwbacks, references, etc etc etc.


Eventually brainstormed ideas, jokes, situations, and unfinished conceptual seeds that may ultimately lead to final scripts may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Seeds page. The potential randomness of this might require extra organization vigilance.


Eventually scripts that either fit on the narrative outline, or tightly fit with others that do and are too good to pass up, may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Scripts page.


Eventually storyboards, panels, and comic strips may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Storyboards page.


Eventually descriptions and character arcs as well as illustrated sketches, character design development, fashion options, model sheets, digital treatments, and "hero" shots may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Characters page. There may also be external links to 3D models, animation rigs, textures, materials, illumination rigs, etc.


Eventually illustrated sketches, set design development, model sheets, digital treatments, and "hero" shots may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Sets page. There may also be external links to 3D models, animation rigs, textures, materials, illumination rigs, etc.


Eventually illustrated sketches, prop design development, model sheets, digital treatments, and "hero" shots may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Props page. There may also be external links to 3D models, animation rigs, textures, materials, illumination rigs, etc.


Eventually layouts may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Layouts page.


Eventually variety of work-in-progress test videos may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Tests page.


Eventually various elements for compositing may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Compositing page.


Eventually a variety of work-in-progress videos and versions may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Versions page.


Eventually the final videos may be presented on the Trutherism 101: Finals page.

Trutherism 101 C: Compilation Movie

Eventually a feature length compilation can be assembled from final series episodes.

Trutherism 101 3D: The Animated Movie

The Trutherism 101 series will be limited 2D animation as streamlined as possible to convey the ideas quickly, clearly, and simply, (ie. very basic and simple like the Peppa Pig preschool animated series, but with infinitely superior design and dialogue). There may be a rare occasion to be cinematic with limited animation, (ie. Samurai Jack or Power Puff Girls), but for the most part visual complexity should be avoided - or rather, saved.

Based on the limited 2D animated compilation the concepts, new characters, arcs, conflicts, narratives, and new dynamic cinematic language and epic beautiful Zen-like imagery may be fleshed out in "upgraded" 3D animation. For the most part, though vastly more complex than its 2D predecessor, it should still feel quietly minimal compared to other feature animations with so much heavy content to digest.

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